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1. At a Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Monroe County Library System held on September 12, 2005 at the Dorsch Memorial Branch Library, the meeting was called to order by Chairperson Calder. Roll call by Secretary Elizabeth Taylor follows:

Present: Catharine Calder, Chair; Larry Gregory, Vice-Chair; Elizabeth Taylor, Secretary; MaryAnn Bourque and Fred Lux, Trustees; Nancy Colpaert, Director; and Diane Ohlemacher, Recording Secretary.

Staff: Nancy Bellaire, Marie Sowa, Cindy Green

A quorum being present, the Board proceeded to transact business.

2. Motion by Trustee Lux, supported by Vice-Chair Gregory, that the agenda be adopted as printed. Motion carried.

3. Motion by Trustee Bourque, supported by Trustee Lux, to accept the minutes of the regular board meeting July 11, 2005 as printed. Motion carried.

4. Dorsch Community Librarian, Cindy Green, introduced Chris Floraday, chair of Advisory Commission. Ms. Green said all of the books were moved out of second floor annex to get the weight off the floor. The room was repainted and the public computers will be moved up to that area next week.

5. Public Comment: None.

6. Consent Agenda

Motion by Vice-Chair Gregory, supported by Trustee Lux, to accept the items on the consent agenda, including the July and August 2005 Financial Reports, and place on file. Motion carried.

7. Committee Reports

Finance Committee

Chair Calder reported that the committee met last week. They reviewed the financial reports and bills and discussed penal fines which were down in August. We should be able to make our projected penal fine budget. The Library in Motion delivery van service began this week. Fine Friendly First Friday fines are going very well. One FFFF in the near future will be dedicated for Hurricane Relief.

Facilities Committee

No meeting.

Policy and Personnel Committee

Vice-Chair Gregory said the committee met last week, a number of action items are on the agenda tonight. He said Nancy Colpaert keeps the board abreast of all potential problems; she is very proactive in that regard. Most of the activity that we have been focusing on this year has dealt with things like healthcare and employee benefits. We are trying to stay on top of all these expensive, yet worthwhile endeavors.

Community Partnering Committee

No meeting.

Technology Committee

Trustee Lux said the committee minutes are in this evening's packet. The committee reviewed the Technology Plan with Rachel Braden, Head of Technology, and it was discovered we are either on track or ahead of schedule on everything with the exception of one item that has to do with bandwidth. We are going to be looking at bandwidth over the next few months and assess the usage and there may be a recommendation coming to the board for the 2006 budget that would either double the band width by putting in a second T-1 line or jumping to a T-3 line; that is under evaluation.

Woodlands Update

Vice-Chair Gregory and Trustee Lux attended the meeting in July. State funding was addressed. The governor has announced that they have come to agreement on the 2006 budget, but we are not sure where libraries fit in. On positive note, attendees at a Tiger Ball Game in May benefited Michigan libraries. $15,000 was collected which will be used to establish a foundation for 15 libraries. October 1 st begins the new fiscal year for the State of Michigan , the start of the new statewide delivery system, and also the beginning of Woodlands fiscal year.

Legislative Update

Vice-Chair Gregory said there is nothing new to report.

8. Unfinished Business

There is nothing new to report on the reciprocal borrowing agreement with Milan Public Library from their board. However, the Director of Milan Library and Director Colpaert have discussed MCLS youth services staff continuing programs into the fall for Milan area children.

9. New Business

Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Trustee Lux, to approve payment of the bills for the month ending July 31, 2005 in the amount of $696,260.03 and August 31, 2005 in the amount of $443,323.72. Motion carried.

Motion by Trustee Bourque, supported by Secretary Taylor, to approve the Membership Contract with Woodlands Library Cooperative for Fiscal Year 2005-2006. Motion carried.

Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Trustee Bourque, to approve the contracts with Woodlands Library Cooperative beginning October 1, 2005 through September 30, 2006 totaling $154,862.24. The contracts are for automation services, fiscal services, cooperative periodicals, interlibrary loan services and delivery services. Motion carried.

Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Vice-Chair Gregory, to amend the budget to eliminate line items with no activity for the past three years as recommended by our accountants. Motion carried.

Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Trustee Lux, to add line item 735.02 printing supplies so that we can better track what supplies are used for printing of flyers, brochures, etc. that were originally included in office supplies. Motion carried.

Motion by Trustee Lux, supported by Trustee Bourque, to authorize online access to the National City account by designated administration staff. Motion carried.

Motion by Trustee Bourque, supported by Vice-Chair Gregory, to authorize MCLS's participation in Medicare Part D reimbursement program from the U.S. government. Gabriel, Roeder & Smith, actuaries, will do an attestation of the plan at a cost of $3500. Savings to MCLS would be approximately $25,000 based on number of current retirees on Medicare. Retirees will receive a letter informing them not to select any other prescription drug program. Motion carried.

Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Vice-Chair Gregory, to consider the request from Frenchtown Charter Township to share in the cost of litigation for Kroger Tax Appeal. Our share of the $20,000 litigation fees would be 2.14% or $428 and we could receive an additional $617 in tax revenues. Director Colpaert was asked to check with other entities to see if other taxing units will be participating and the item will be reconsidered at the next board meeting.

Motion by Trustee Lux, supported by Vice-Chair Gregory, to consider for adoption a Public Relations policy. With the adoption of this policy, we have met all the essential Quality Standards for Libraries for our certification through the Library of Michigan. Motion carried.

Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Trustee Bourque, to consider for adoption the Social Security Number policy to comply with Michigan 's Social Security Number Privacy Act, Public Act 454 of 2004 for all public entities. Motion carried.

Motion Trustee Bourque, supported by Vice-Chair Gregory to consider for adoption the Patron Behavior Notification form. This form would document violations of our Patron Behavior Policy. Patrons would be notified by certified mail, return receipt, of their suspension of library privileges. Motion carried.

Motion by Trustee Lux, supported by Trustee Bourque, to consider for approval the contract with Bedford historian Trudi Urbani regarding her donation of Bedford history materials to be kept in the local history room at Bedford Branch Library. Ms. Urbani will be sent a thank you letter for her donation, and upon completion of cataloging the numerous boxes, MCLS will return items not used to Ms. Urbani. Motion carried.

Motion by Trustee Bourque, supported by Secretary Taylor, to consider the Director's Evaluation Tool and Calendar for Director's Annual Performance. Motion by Trustee Lux to amend the original motion so that the timeline indicates final review on October 17 and that Director Colpaert has until Nov. 14 th to complete the Director's work plan. Motion carried.

10. Director's Report

Director Colpaert reported that former MCLS board member Bob Lepsig is serving on the Monroe County Network on Homelessness and asked if the library system could assist in raising community awareness to this problem. Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Vice-Chair Gregory, to designate November Fine Friendly First Friday fines to the Homeless Network and offer a food for fines during Homeless Awareness Week during November 13-18. Motion carried.

Director Colpaert showed board members the new series of brochures being designed, printed and distributed.

11. Board Comments

Board members congratulated Director Colpaert on her 30 year anniversary of service at MCLS. They also thanked Dorsch staff for hosting the meeting and are looking forward to the renovations to the building. Chair Calder personally extended her appreciation to the Ellis Reference and Information Center for hosting a program featuring parenting expert and author Dr. Jim Taylor on October 4.

12. Public Comment - Dorsch youth services coordinator, Jadin Howton, shared her story about a young lady who was encouraged to read after joining the newly formed young adult book discussion group.

13. Announcements

Date of Next Board Meeting - Monday, October 17, 2005 @ 6:00 p.m., at the L. S. Navarre Branch Library, 1135 E. Second St. , Monroe , MI .

14. Adjournment

Motion by Vice-Chair Gregory supported by Trustee Lux, to adjourn the meeting at 6:36 p.m. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth J. Taylor, Secretary

Catharine Calder, Chairperson


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