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1. At a Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Monroe County Library System held on September 11, 2006 at the Bedford Branch Library, the meeting was called to order by Chairperson Lux. Roll call by Secretary Elizabeth Taylor follows:

Present: Fred Lux, Chair; Larry Gregory, Vice-Chair; Elizabeth Taylor, Secretary; Catharine Calder and MaryAnn Bourque, Trustees; Nancy Colpaert, Director; and Diane Ohlemacher, Recording Secretary.

Staff: Nancy Bellaire, Laurie Breitner, Lois White

A quorum being present, the Board proceeded to transact business.

2. Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Trustee Calder, to approve the agenda as amended. Unfinished business will be the first thing on tonight’s agenda. Motion carried.

3. Unfinished Business
Motion by Secretary Taylor supported by Trustee Bourque to go into closed session to discuss the proposed purchase agreement for property at 840 South Roessler St. to be used as an administration service center. Mr. Dave Foster was invited to attend the closed session to talk about the document that was presented. Roll Call Vote: Mr. Gregory, yes; Ms. Bourque, yes; Ms. Taylor, yes; Ms. Calder, yes; and Mr. Lux, yes. Meeting adjourned at 6:02 p.m. Reconvened at 6:35 p.m.

4. Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Trustee Calder, to approve the minutes of the regular board meeting August 7, 2006 as printed. Motion carried.

5. Lee Rausch, Chairman of the Bedford Library Advisory Board, reported that major construction on the building is complete. The township put in their budget an operating fund for the continued maintenance and minor repairs at the branch. The advisory board is presently looking at options for expanding the parking lot.  Branch Librarian Lois White announced the Bedford Friends are having a tea to show their appreciation for all the volunteers, book club members, herb garden members, who had something to do with the renovation at the branch. On October 8th, the Arts Council is having a “Chair-i-tea” to raise funds for its upcoming 26th annual art show.

6. Public Comment – None

7. Consent Agenda
Motion by Trustee Bourque, supported by Vice-Chair Gregory, to accept the items on the consent agenda as presented, including the August 2006 Financial Report, and place on file. Motion carried.

8. Committee Reports

Finance Committee
The committee met on August 31 and it was reported that $52,787 was saved by paying the Ellis bond off two years early. Director Colpaert is working on the budget for 2007 and if trustees have anything to input, please let her know.

Facilities Committee
There was no meeting this month.

Policy and Personnel Committee
The committee also met on August 31 and there are a number of action items on the agenda. The committee is still trying to meet with Retiree Health Care Attorney, Michael VanOverbeke regarding a couple of questions.

Community Partnering Committee
No meeting.

Technology Committee
No meeting.

Woodlands Update
There is a meeting coming up.

Legislative Update
The legislators are on recess.

9. New Business
Motion by Vice-Chair Gregory, supported by Trustee Bourque, to approve payment of the bills for the month ending August 31, 2006, in the amount of $462,397.97. Motion carried.

Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Trustee Calder, to approve the Director’s Evaluation Tool and Calendar for the Director’s Annual Performance Review. Motion carried.

Motion by Trustee Bourque, supported by Trustee Calder, to approve changes to the Internet Policy. The policy is reviewed yearly and wording was changed to reflect that the library partners with cable companies to provide Internet access in some branches; does not support peer-to peer file sharing networks (i.e. downloading music); and does not allow the use of wireless devices in the children’s or youth areas. Motion carried. Secretary Taylor asked that the wireless device issue be revisited again in the future.

Motion by Trustee Calder, supported by Trustee Bourque, to approve the addition to the Personnel Policy, Political Activity section, “circulating petitions” is prohibited during work time. Motion carried.

Motion by Trustee Calder, supported by Secretary Taylor, to approve the facility agreements for Rasey Memorial and Maybee branch libraries. Motion carried.

Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Trustee Bourque to approve the strategic plan for 2007-2009. Director Colpaert said this is a skeleton plan awaiting further input from department heads with dates and sub-goals. Trustee Bourque commended Laurie Breitner on being the consultant and staff coordinator for the plan. Chair Lux said he even though a tremendous amount of work had gone into the document, he thought it was a very vague and broad outline and requested that it be returned to the committee for continued work. He asked that it specify measurable goals, what will be done differently to make these goals more effective than in the past, goals that you can look at and say which ones have been achieved and are on track. Amended motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Vice-Chair Gregory, to approve the outline of the strategic plan and have the completed plan returned to the board for approval before January 1. Motion carried.

10. Director’s Report
Director Colpaert shared with the board two scrapbooks the library system submitted for awards, one by the State Librarian “Award of Excellence” and the other for “Best of Show” at the Michigan Library Association Conference in October.

She thanked the Bedford library staff for hosting the meeting. Bedford will host a low vision and hearing loss event on September 27, 2006.

11. Board Comments
Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Vice-Chair Gregory, to schedule a special meeting at noon, Thursday, September 14, 2006, to consider approving a modified purchase agreement for property at 840 South Roessler St. to be used as an administration service center, pending documents are received from attorney prior to the meeting. Motion carried.

Vice-Chair Gregory said he received a compliment call from a friend saying the library board works well together. He added that tonight’s real exchange of ideas shows that we are making good progress in moving the library forward.

Trustee Bourque thanked Librarian White for hosting the meeting, and doing a great job working with library staff, the library advisory board and friend’s group.

Secretary Taylor thanked Mrs. Breitner for all her hard work on the strategic plan, a very difficult project to do.

Trustee Calder said it was a joy to sit on the strategic planning committee and listening to all the ideas staff members came up with and their visions for the future of the library system. She complimented Mrs. Breitner on doing a wonderful job leading and corralling all these very creative people. She also thanked Director Colpaert for her constant attention to detailed changes to policy; no matter how small they may be, they are important. She is also impressed by her ability to keep track of it all.

Chair Lux thanked Bedford’s friendly staff for hosting the meeting. He thanked the strategic planning committee for the tremendous amount of work that was put into the outline document that will move the library forward into the next three years.

12. Public Comment – None.

13. Announcements
Date of Next Board Meeting – Monday, October 16, 2006 @ Ellis Reference and Information Center. (Note meeting is the third Monday due to the holiday.)

13. Adjournment
Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Vice-Chair Gregory to adjourn the meeting at 7:16 p.m. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth J. Taylor, Secretary

Fred Lux, Chairperson


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