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Fiction For The Faithful Heart
March 2009

Let Them Eat Cake (Chick Lit)
Sandra Byrd
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Lexi Stuart is in search of a place to call home, a man to love, and that elusive word called destiny. This is a fun, realistic story of a twentysomething who isn't afraid to question her faith and other's expectations in order to discover her place in the world.
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Ninth Witness, A.D. Chronicles  (Inspirational Fiction)
Bodie & Brock Thoene
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Riots and revolts spread across Judea. Twelve-year-old Yeshua is in Jerusalem—“about his Father's business” in the Temple—as his panic-stricken parents search for him amidst the chaos.
Series: A.D. Chronicles
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Chateau of Echoes (ghost stories)
Siri Mitchell
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Frederique Farmer is a young widow who owns and operates an exclusive bed and breakfast establishment at her fifteenth century chateau. She accepts very few guests, and overcharges the ones who pass inspection, but the gourmet meals she serves make it seem like a little piece of heaven. Frederique thought she'd found the perfect place to hide--from her life, the world at large, and even from God. She was wrong.
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Kings (fantasy)
Ken Abraham and Daniel Hart
Based on a Biblical interpretation of the Rapture, Kings continues the story of those caught up in the events following this world-upending event. Azul Dante, the increasingly controversial figure whom some nations hope will restore order to the world, recovers from a recent assassination attempt. Behind the scenes, another and even more sinister force exerts its powerful influence at a gathering of ten world leaders. While they meet, other events prefiguring the start of the last days have armies poised for battle. Meanwhile, the members of the seven set out to spread the good news of Christianity and salvation in a world desperate for answers and assurance. Book 4: Kings demonstrates once again that: The answer to the ultimate test is faith.
Series: The Prodigal Project series
Last Light (Suspense)
Terri Blackstock
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After an unexplained catastrophic event in the atmosphere knocks out all electronics in the world, materialistic, well-to-do Americans are suddenly left helpless. And as they get down to the essentials of life, they learn to lean on God as they never have before.
Series: The Restoration Series
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Hidden (Amish Fiction)
Shelley Gray
Fleeing from an abusive boyfriend, Anna hides at an Amish country bed-and-breakfast run by a childhood friend and finds herself in an unlikely relationship with her friend's disapproving older brother.
Series: Sisters of the Heart series
Cry in the Night (Romantic Suspense)
Colleen Coble
Bree and her search and rescue dog Samson discover a crying infant in the densely forested woods outside Rock Harbor, Michigan. Against objections from her husband, Kade, who knows she'll become attached, Bree takes the baby in. Quickly she begins a search for the mother--presumably the woman reported missing just days earlier.
Series: Rock Harbor series
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Giver of Roses (fantasy)
Kathleen Morgan
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A doomed city, desert warriors, a sorceress, a demon-possessed warrior-king, mysterious prophets and prophetesses, weeping dragons, flying dragonmaidens, a death-defying quest, and a love denied—
Series: Guardians of Gadiel
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Kiss (Recovered Memory)
Ted Dekker and Erin Healy
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I woke up in a hospital bed missing six months of my memory. In the room was my loving boyfriend-how could I have forgotten him?-my uncle and my abusive stepmother. Everyone blames me for the tragic car accident that left me near death and my dear brother brain damaged. But what they say can't be true-can it?
I believe the medicine is doing strange things to my memory. I'm unsure who I can trust and who I should run from. And I'm starting to remember things I've never known. Things not about me. I think I'm going crazy.And even worse, I think they want to kill me.But who? And for what? Is dying for the truth really better than living with a lie?
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Fireproof (Domestic Fiction)
Eric Wilson
Alternate Format: DVD 
Captain Caleb Holt is a reliable firefighter, but at home, his marriage is a flickering ember. Caleb's father challenges him to give it one more shot---with a 40-day dare! Will Caleb rescue his "wedded bliss" by loving his wife the way God loves us, or has it already gone up in smoke?
Like Dandelion Dust (Inspirational)
Karen Kingsbury
Alternate Format: Large Print
It's the emotional story of an adoptive couple that tragically learns that the birth mother who gave up her son four years earlier has changed her mind. A forged signature on the paperwork makes it seem possible that they will lose their son, Joey, maybe forever. Like Dandelion Dust is the story of a mother's passion, and the lengths a couple is willing to go to, all for the love of a child
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House (suspense)
Frank Peretti
Alternate Format: Audio Disc
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Two couples vacationing in Alabama are pursued by a maniac killer. They flee deep into the woods and take refuge in an old house that has been vacated for years, or so they think. They soon discover that they are not alone and that the killer has purposely lured them to this house. It seems that the killer and the house are somehow working in concert. They try to leave, but the house won’t let them. After receiving a message in which the killer claims to have killed God and now demands more dead bodies, the couples come to understand that the seeming malevolence of the house mirrors the evil within their own hearts and souls, and that they can only defeat the evil in the house by defeating the evil within themselves.
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Christian Fiction: A Guide to the Genre
John Mort
For anyone who would like to find more information on other Christian fiction titles and authors


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