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January 2010
Stress Relief:
"Pick up ways to manage your stress before you see the credit card bills from Christmas. Have relaxation techniques mastered before starting your taxes!"

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Yoga for Stress Relief

Yoga for stress relief
By:  Instructor: Suzanne Deason
Summary: Features a series of poses designed to help the viewer regulate breathing and soothe frayed nerves.

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Tai chi: health for life: how and why it works for health, stress relief, and longevity
By:  Bruce Frantzis
Summary: Tai Chi combats immune deficiencies, mitigates arthritis, improves circulation, decreases high blood pressure, and helps the elderly regain physical balance. This comprehensive guide reveals how and why. Rather than teaching a specific style of Tai Chi, the book gives readers the intellectual foundation and inspiration to use the practice as a potent preventative healthcare routine.

Stress Relief for Everyone

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The art of doing nothing : simple ways to make time for yourself
By:  Veronique Vienne
Summary: The stress-reducing techniques described here require no time, no skill, no commitment. A practical guide to rest and relaxation, it ushers us into a world where "being" is more compelling than "doing."

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Eliminating stress, finding inner peace
By:  Brian L. Weiss
Summary: This book and its accompanying stress-reduction CD will help you deeply relax. It will enable you to release the acute and chronic stress we constantly carry in our bodies and our minds. It can help you remove the blocks and obstacles to your inner peace and joy, and prevent and heal stress-related illness and disease.

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:60 second stress management
By:  Andrew Goliszek
Summary: Expert advice and comprehensive information combine to help optimize stress relief and produce a healthier life within the first 60 seconds of its occurrence.

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Everyday calm : relaxing rituals for busy people
By:  Darrin Zeer
Summary: Everyday Calm offers over 50 fun and simple ideas for daily stress relief no matter where you are.

Guys and Teens: Special books for you.

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The male stress survival guide
By:  Georgia Witkin
Summary: In this valuable, easy-to-read book, Dr. Witkin explains why men develop the stress symptoms they do; how stress affects their bodies, careers, families, personal goals and expectations; why they are particularly vulnerable to certain types of stress and not to others; and how to improve the quality and prolong the length of their lives.

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A guys' guide to stress ; A girls' guide to stress
By:  Travis Clark and Annie Belfield
Summary: A reversible book explores ways young people of both sexes can learn to cope with the dramas and dilemmas they face in their busy, day-to-day lives.

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Stress relief : the ultimate teen guide
By:  Mark Powell
Summary: Grade 7 Up-Powell's first-person, informal text includes both immediate and long-term recommendations for managing the stress of everyday life. He presents different scenarios and situations and offers viable options.

Music to aid in your relaxation:

Ison Sleep System 2.0

Ison sleep system 2.0 [sound recording] : relax and sleep --easily and naturally
By:  David Ison
Summary: A combination of peaceful music, harmony, and rhythmic structures creates a soothing environment that helps the body ease into sleep.

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Calm at work
By:  Paul Wilson
Summary: Breeze through your day feeling calm, relaxed, and in control.
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Nature Quest - Sunset Symphony

Sunset symphony
By:  Various performers
Summary: "An adventure in nature and music."



Relaxation [sound recording] : a Windham Hill collection
By: Various performers  

Contents: Only a memory / Yanni
Big thing in the sky / Will Ackerman
Rainsong / George Winston
Glass green / Tim Story
Bayangume / Schonhertz and Scott
No wonder they sing / Philip Aaberg
Majestica / Lisa Lynne
Espana / Patrick O'Hearn
Wind in the trees / David Arkenstone
On the edge / Jim Brickman
Closer still / Douglas Spotted Eagle
Tibet part II / Mark Isham.


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