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(Petersburg Sun, September 29, 1905, p.3, c.4)

Rain in the Face, the Sioux Indian chief who is reported to have killed Gen. Custer at the battle of the Little Big Horn in June, 1876 died Sept. 18 at the Bullhead Station, Standing Rock reservation, N.D. in his sixty-third year.

His reputed deeds during the Custer massacre had made Rain in the Face an important historical character. He was declared to have joined Sitting Bull's hostile band two years before the fight for the purpose of killing Gen. Custer and carrying away the heart of Col. Tom Custer, brother of the general.

This hatred of the Custer brothers harked back to the murder of an army surgeon and a trader when they stopped to water their horses on the Red River in 1873. A scout in the fall of 1874 brought word that Rain in the Face did the murder to Gen. Custer at Fort Lincoln, and Col. Tom Custer went to the Standing Rock reservation and took the chief a prisoner.

The chief was confined to the guardhouse after having boastfully confessed the crime. Winter came, and Rain in the Face lay upon the floor, without as much as a blanket to cover him and at times the snow would drift inches deep. It was in this miserable prison that he first conceived the intense hatred he bore both the general and his brother.

In the spring of 1875 he escaped and at once joined Sitting Bull. Whether he personally secured vengeance on the Custers in the massacre of June 26, 1876, is a disputed question. He boasted that he had killed them both and had "cut the heart out of Col. Custer." In his later years, however he was not so positive about it.

Rain in the Face was one of six brothers, a fullblooded Unkpaha Sioux, and of great physical prowess.

(Petersburg Sun, September 29, 1905, p.3, c.4)

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