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(Monroe Evening News, Wednesday, April 5, 1933)

Although few present day residents of Monroe knew .....Elizabeth Bacon Custer when she made her home in this city, her life entwined with .....of the city most cherished traditions, its association with life of her noted husband.

Mrs. Custer was the daughter of a pioneer Monroe county probate judge, Daniel S. Bacon. It was in the Bacon home at Monroe and Second streets where now stands the federal building that Elizabeth Bacon met the boy who later was to become her husband and a hero in the nation's military annals.

Custer was 14 years old when he came to Monroe. He remained four years before returning to New Rumley, Ohio to teach. It was during those four years that the friendship began which culminated in the marriage of Elizabeth Bacon and George Custer.

Even after his death of her noted husband, Mrs. Custer referred to him as "the General". And his life became the career of his widow.

Mrs. Custer visited Monroe in 1910 to assist in unveiling a monument to the memory of General Custer. President William Howard Taft and almost every celebrity whose home was in Michigan were among those present.

The Monroe members of the Custer family who will go east for the funeral services include Captain Brice Custer of the Michigan National Guard; Lieutenant Charles Custer, of the M.N.G., grand nephews of Mrs. Custer, and two grand nieces Margaret and Miriam Custer.

(Monroe Evening News, Wednesday, April 5, 1933)

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