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Friends of the Bedford Branch Library

Membership Information

The Friends of the Bedford Library Branch of the Monroe County Library System is a nonprofit group of citizens who work together to stimulate a greater interest in and use of the library; to acquaint the community with the functions, resources, facilities and needs of the library; to promote and enrich the services of the library; to encourage and administer library gifts, donations, and memorials of individuals and organizations; to coordinate information to the community on issues of library legislation; to sponsor programs designed to add to the cultural life of the community and to ensure the existence of the Bedford Branch of the Monroe County Library System for years to come.

The Friends of the Bedford Library encourage all members of our community  to join with the Friends. Together we can accomplish great things.

Reasons to Join The Friends of the Bedford Library

  Meet other library and book lovers.
  Support children's programming.
  Help expand the library's access to computers and other tools of the information age.
  Help the library buy more books and materials.
  Respond quickly to special needs of the library and its community.
  Receive Monroe County Library Friends' newsletter.
  The great feeling you get from helping our library.

Membership and Dues

The membership year of the Friends of the Bedford Library is October 1 through September 30. Privileges of making motions, debating, voting, holding office or serving on any committee are reserved for dues paying members.

Membership dues are as follows:

Students under 18 yrs., Senior Citizens over 55 yrs. - $10.00

Individual membership - $15.00

Family membership - $20.00

Booklover - $30.00

Literary Lion - $50.00

Best Friend or Business - $100.00

Friend for Life - $500.00

Click here for the Friends for the Bedford Branch Library Bylaws

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