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Fax: (734) 848-4420
Carol Laurie, Community Librarian

Fax Information for Erie Branch Library:

As a service to the community, the Monroe County Library System provides a fax service to the public at all branch libraries. Those wishing to use the fax must provide a loose leaf copy of the document to be faxed.   Transmission must comply with copyright laws.  A copy of the transmittal report will be given to customers after faxing. 

The Library will also receive documents via fax for individuals. No attempt will be made to notify the recipient that a fax has arrived as it is assumed that the individual is expecting the fax and planning to come to the library to pick it up.  Fax transmissions will be kept on file at the circulation desk for seven days from the date on the received fax document.

Those wishing to take advantage of fax service must be aware that library services are the library’s first priority and that public access faxing will be done as soon as possible. Outgoing faxes will not be performed during the thirty minutes prior to closing time.  Library staff will operate fax equipment; customers are not allowed to fax their documents.

The Monroe County Library System and staff are not responsible for wrong numbers, lost receipts, lost transmittals and undeliverable faxes. 

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