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Board Meeting - November 10, 2004

President Gaylor called meeting to order at 7:28 p.m.

Roll Call : Lieto ,VanAuker, Weyher, Younglove, Grubb, Iott, McCurdy present. Gramlich and Liedel absent.

Motion: VanAuker 2nd Younglove to accept minutes of Oct. 13th 2004 with corrections. Carried.

Motion: Younglove 2nd VanAuker to pay bills as presented with additional attachment. Carried.

Motion: Younglove 2nd Weyher to appoint Roxanne McCurdy To finish clerk term. Carried

Items from the floor:

  • Mark West a resident on High St.. was requested to remove fence by Ordinance Officer Chris Schassberger. Mr. West said there are 21 similar fences in the village. Mr. Schassberger said most likely these fences were installed before zoning. President Gaylor will investigate said fences. Mr. West Shared concerns of an ongoing property dispute. President Gaylor explained the board has nothing to do with property disputes. Mr. West will need to seek legal council.

Old Business

  • Election Resolution
Role Call Vote. Lieto-yes Younglove-yes Weyher-yes VanAuker-yes
  • Baldwin Rd. railroad crossing gate is up and running. Stop sign is down.
  • Concession stand blue prints were dropped off to Mr. Brandt. President Gaylor is waiting for his reply. Banas said prices for materials have come down. Approximate rough in material cost is $9,100. Mr. Younglove said he has a carpenter to do the rough in work for $6,000 and a plumber to donate his time. President Gaylor also has a carpenter from the JAWS program. Stonco has donated $2,000 towards Recreation fund.
    Council feels based upon figures given. Work should begin before winter sets in.
Motion: Lieto 2nd VanAuker to have Mr. Younglove oversee the building of concession. Carried.
  • Christmas in the village has been advertised in both Monroe and Dundee News papers. Signs to be made by Ms. VanAuker students.
  • Christmas Walk set for Dec. 12th. J&K Mechanical to furnish a place for refreshment. Would still like to add a couple more houses to the tour.
  • Christmas decorations should be up around Thanksgiving.
  • President Gaylor asked board for an additional $500 Christmas budget money.

Motion: Lieto 2nd VanAuker to give $500.00 towards the Christmas budget. Carried.

Tree Planting
  • Bradford Pear trees have been planted along bike path.
    Railroad has agreed to remove wires on the existing poles.
    Remaining trees to be planted in December. Half will be covered by DTE.
    Three extra trees were trimmed for the sum of $550.00. Added to Erie Tree Service bill.
  • Lagoon report is almost complete. Will be ready for next months council meeting.
  • Street engineering quotes. David Arthur $40,000 OHM $50,000
  • Self help money $10,083.06

New Business

Motion: Lieto 2nd VanAuker to have OHM engineer and over see paving street project. Carried.
  • Library budget was discussed.
Motion: Weyher 2nd VanAuker approval of library budget. Maybee share is $2601.25 Carried.
  • Six candidates running for election on Municipal League ballot.
Motion: Lieto 2nd Weyher to cast vote for candidates on Municipal League ballot. Carried.
  • Village is not responsible for payment of 4 street lights in the Village Court sub. How ever the Village is responsible to pay for the electricity.

Street Administrator Report
Mr. Schassberger has a quote for road crack filling. Blue Bush $7,150 Blazer $1,800 Baldwin $400.00 Total is $9,350 President Gaylor would like to examine the roads. Tabled.

  • Flooding on Joseph and High has been terrible.
  • There has been no logs to prior repairs, or storm drain mapping.
  • Mr. Schassberger will have Dave Hoffman give an estimate for repairs.
  • Mr. Schassberger will get bids for repair to Antes Dr.
  • Mr. Schassberger will send letter to the owner of the barn on Bluebush.
  • 17 outlets installed for Christmas decorations at $280.00 per month. That is $16.49 per receptacle .
  • According to Attorney Crossley. Our ordinance for water payments at Village Court will stay in effect.

Next meeting will be December 10th at 7:15 p.m. Budget Workshop.

Motion: Younglove 2nd Lieto to adjourn at 9:28 p.m. Carried.

Roxanne McCurdy, Clerk


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