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Meeting Minutes December 14, 2005
Board Meeting

President Gaylor called meeting to order at 7:36 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Council present, Lieto, VanAuker, Weyher, Younglove, Liedel . President Gaylor, Treasurer Grubb, Clerk McCurdy present. Absent Councilman Gramlich.

Motion: VanAuker 2nd Younglove to approve 11/09/05 minutes as read. Carried.

Motion: Liedel 2nd Weyher to pay bills as presented. Carried.

Treasurer Report: Accepted as printed.

Items From the Floor: No public comment .

Old Business:

Multi Purpose Building: Outer shell of the new building is up, siding has been completed. Doors and roll up security doors due to arrive the first of January. Cost spent on construction so far is approximately $ 11,000.00.

Street Boring: Bluebush street boring complete. Results for the west end of Bluebush shows the road has a good base for reconstruction. East end results show a poor base and a proposal for the reconstruction will be ready later.

Survey of Town Hall: President Gaylor will obtain quotes to survey Town Hall.

Ordinance Report: Village Attorney Connley finishing the reorganization of village ordinances. President Gaylor to give report when completed.

Amend 2005 Budget: President Gaylor asked council to amend the following Village of Maybee budgets. General Fund Acct. 101-340-726 Supplies, Repairs, Maint. to $400.00. Major Street Fund Acct. 202-463-426 Operating Supplies to $2,900.00. Acct.202-463-801 Contracted Services to $21,000.00. Acct.202-478-801 Winter Maint. Contracted Services to $11,500.00. Acct. 202-483-801 Engineering to $7,000.00. Acct. 202-965-999 Transfers to $11,000.00. Local Street Fund Acct 203-483-801 Engineering to $71,000.00. Sewer Operating Fund Acct. 235-536-819 Bookkeeping Fees to $2,100.00. Acct. 235-536-820 Summer Maint. to $1,600.00. City Water Debt Retirement Fund. Acct. Principal Debt Service to $406,000.00. Acct. Interest to $25,000.00.

Motion: Liedel 2nd Weyher to amend the Village of Maybee Budgets listed. Carried. 5 Yeas 0 Nays

New Business

2006 Budget: President Gaylor went over the Village of Maybee Budget for 2006 and asked for Councils approval.

Motion: Younglove 2nd Weyher to approve the 2006 Village of Maybee Budget. Carried.

5 Yeas 0 Nays

Pay Increase for Ed Dennis 1/1/06 President Gaylor asked council to increase Ed Dennis pay by 5% (.45) effective January 1 2006. Councilman Lieto suggested making an increase of 50 cents per hour, making Ed Dennis hourly wage $9.50.

Motion: Liedel 2nd Lieto to increase Ed Dennis hourly wage to $9.50. Carried.

Sewer Fee at Brown Jug: President Gaylor received a letter from James Stiffler requesting the bi-monthly sewer charges be waived since half of the building has been demolished at 7705 Bluebush Rd.

Council rejects request from James Stiffler at this time.

Projects to Work on in 2006:

•  Completion of Multi Purpose Building.

•  Fencing of the Multi Purpose Building.

•  Installing security equipment.

Projects to Think About:

•  Extending Bike path through the park and baseball diamonds onto Raisin St.

•  Lighting for the park.

Santa at Town Hall: Councilwoman Marge VanAuker reported that Santa at Village Hall ran smoothly and was very well organized. She would like to give a special thanks to President Gaylor and his wife Mary and to all who contributed to a successful evening.

Next Meeting: January 11, 2006

Motion: Weyher 2nd Liedel to adjourn at 8:15 p.m. Carried.

Roxanne McCurdy, Clerk

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