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Meeting Minutes June 8, 2005
Board Meeting

President Gaylor called meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:30 p.m.

Roll Call: Lieto, Liedel, Younglove, Gaylor, Grubb, McCurdy present. Gramlich, VanAuker, Weyher absent.

Motion: Liedel 2nd Younglove to accept 5/11/05 minutes with corrections. Carried.

Motion: Liedel 2nd Lieto to pay bills as presented. Carried.

Treasure Report: accepted as read.

Items from the Floor: No public comment.

Old Business:

Village Hall Restrooms: The downstairs handicapped accessible restroom is now operational. Construction of the restroom upstairs has been put off until cooler weather.

Street Paving 2005: Project is at a stand still until Monroe County Drain Commission raises eight manhole sanitary sewer clean outs.

Maybee Day Report: Turn out for 2005 May Day Festival was good. New events were Good Time Cruiser car show and the Back in Time section. Many participated in the first annual Maybee Day Karaoke Contest. It was reported that a civil war tent was vandalized. It was suggested that there is security the night before.

Historical Committee Report From Maybee Day: President Gaylor gave a financial report of total sales $50.00 expenses of $90.01 a profit of -$40.01

Water for Concession Stand: Water line to the concession stand site is complete. Construction of stand will begin after the ball season.

Village Hall Front Door: Door has been installed, trim remains. Two can lights will be installed above door. Motion detector lights for the hall entry and stair well to be added.

New Business:

Approval of Revised Budget: President Gaylor asked council to approve putting $45.00 in Elections Acct. 101-191-708 Board of Canvasser.

Motion: Lieto 2nd Liedel approval of amended budget.

Removal of Large Willow Tree: The large Willow Tree beside baseball diamond #2 has deteriorated and has started to fall. President Gaylor has asked council to approve the hiring of a Tree Service to remove the large tree and stump. Low bid from Bruck & Sons Tree Service of $ 450.00

Motion: Liedel 2 nd Younglove approved the removal of Willow tree and stump by hiring Bruck & Sons Tree Services for the sum of $450.00 Carried.

Removal of Slide: President Gaylor said there has been several complaints on the slide at Maybee Village Park. Apparently the slide was vandalized making it unsafe for children to use. President Gaylor asked council to approve removing the slide.

Motion: Liedel 2nd Lieto to remove slide at Maybee Village Park. Carried.

Ordinance Letter to Residents: President Gaylor asked Council to approve the publication of the most commonly violated Village Ordinances in the Village Voice. Certain Sections of Zoning Ordinance 116 & Blithe Ordinance 104 will be in the publication, giving Village Residents the opportunity to correct any violations.

Motion: Younglove 2 nd Lieto to the publication of certain sections in Zoning Ordinance 116 & Blithe Ordinance 104 in Village Voice. Carried.

Next Meeting: July 13th 2005

Motion: Younglove 2 nd Lieto to adjourn at 8:35 p.m. Carried.

Roxanne McCurdy, Clerk


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