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Meeting Minutes August 10, 2005
Board Meeting

President Gaylor called meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: VanAuker, Weyher, Liedel, Lieto, Younglove, Gaylor, Grubb, McCurdy, present. Gramlich absent.

Motion: VanAuker 2nd Younglove to accept 8/10/05 Minutes as read. Carried.

Motion: Liedel 2nd Younglove to pay bills as presented. Carried.

Treasurer Report: accepted as read.

Items from the Floor: No public comment.

Old Business

Street Paving 2005 Update Old sanitary catch basins still need to be relined and some storm drains need to be raised. After the final bills are paid the project will come under budget by approx. $ 56,000.00

New Zoning Advisor LLS Planning Inc. of Royal Oak was not in attendance.

Start of the Multi Purpose Building Electric will be disconnected, and the demolition started to the old concession stand. Councilman Dale Younglove is in charge of the project and is looking for a few good volunteers.

Survey of Town Hall No word of a survey as of yet.

New Business

Amend Budget President Gaylor asked council to amend the Major Street Fund. Acct. (202-463-801) from $ 15,000.00 to $ 21,000.00 and Acct.(202-473-801) from $ 5,000.00 to $ 7,000.00

Motion: Weyher 2nd Liedel to amend the Major Street Budget. Carried.

5 yeas 0 Nays

Village Tree Replacement and Resolution President Gaylor asked council to adopt a resolution for the removal of infested Ash trees, and replacing with a variety of trees retaining the tree canopy. President Gaylor is applying for a Grant with Michigan Department of Natural Resources. If the grant is approved the Village of Maybee will receive $ 2,257.00 . Portion to be paid by the Village of Maybee is approx. $800.00. President Gaylor will be in charge of the removal and planting of trees. President Gaylor asked council to authorize him to act on behalf of the Village of Maybee for the purposes of signing any documents required by the State of Michigan.

Motion: Younglove 2nd Liedel to approve adoption of Tree Replacement Resolution and putting President Gaylor in charge of, and authorizing President Gaylor to act on behalf of the Village of Maybee for the purpose of signing documents required by the state of Michigan. 5 Yeas 0 Nays Carried.

Slide from Stoneco Stoneco has offered to purchase a new slide replacing the vandalized one at the Village Park. President Gaylor received a quote of $2,878.00 shipping included from American Playground.

Burning Guidelines Councilman Marl Liedel is working on gathering state and national guidelines for outdoor burning.

Big Item Pickup is set for September 10th 2005. Resident may set out 3 large items for pick up and disposal.

Motion: Younglove 2nd Lieto to adjourn at 8:15 p.m. Carried.

Next Meeting September 14th 2005

Roxanne McCurdy, Clerk

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