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Meeting Minutes February 8, 2006
Board Meeting

President Gaylor called meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Council VanAuker, Younglove, Lieto, Liedel, President Gaylor, Clerk McCurdy present. Council Gramlich, Weyher, Treasurer Grubb absent.

Motion: Liedel 2nd VanAuker to accept 1/11/06 minutes as read. Carried.

Motion: Liedel 2nd Lieto to pay bills as presented. Carried.

Treasurer Report: accepted as printed.

Items from the Floor: Lt. Oetjens of the Monroe County Sheriff Dept. reported a total number of 31 incidents handled by the Dept. in the Village of Maybee from 1/1/05 through 12/31/05.

Old Business:

Multi-Purpose Building Update: Plumbing has been installed and waiting for the weather to warm to pour the concrete floor.

Street Paving for 2006: President Gaylor has called Engineering firm Mannik & Smith for a quote on the reconstruction of Bluebush Rd. No word as of yet.

Maybee Day Committee Report: Leonard Gaylor Chairman, Ryan Cuningham Secretary, Jean Grubb Treasurer. Chairman Gaylor reported 16 to 20 people on the committee.

Upstairs Restoration Report: Restroom and Kitchenette now complete with the exception of the paper towel dispenser. Kitchenette cabinets purchased and installed under $1,000.00 budget at $732.00. President Gaylor asked council to approve the use of the rest of the cabinet money to paint the upstairs ceiling and tile for the entrance of Village Hall.

Motion: Lieto 2nd VanAuker to use excess cabinet money for the purchase of paint and floor tile. Carried.

New Business:

Approve Fire Board Budget: 2006 LMR Fire Department budget is $182,450.00. Village of Maybee portion of budget is $2,156.23 per month for 11 months, an increase of $212.78 per month.

Motion: Lieto 2nd Younglove to approve 2006 LMR Fire Dept. budget of $ 182,450.00. To approve Village of Maybee portion of budget at $ 2,156.23 per month for 11 months. Carried.

Amend Budget: President Gaylor asked Council to amend the following budgets. Fire Department Contracted Services Acct. 101-340-801 to $23,500.00. Library Contribution Acct. 101-790-827 to $2,850.00.

Motion: Liedel 2nd VanAuker to amend the Village of Maybee Budgets listed. Carried. 4 Yeas 0 Nays Carried.

Fence and Guardrail at Park: Several quotes from fencing companies gathered for the installation of 185' of fence and a 14' gate at the new Multi- Purpose Building. Lowest quote came in at $ 2,952.56 From Adrian Tecumseh Fencing Co. President Gaylor said the guard rails at the park needed to be replaced and said they should be replaced with steel. Tabled.

Ball Diamond # 1 Name President Gaylor asked council to pass a resolution to name Ball Diamond #1 Veterans Field.

Motion Younglove 2nd VanAuker to pass resolution to name Ball Diamond # 1 Veterans Field. Carried.

Approve Street Administrator Ed Dennis President Gaylor asked Council to approve Ed Dennis as Street Administrator.

Motion: VanAuker 2nd Liedel to approve Ed Dennis as Street Administrator. Carried.

Motion: VanAuker 2nd Liedel to adjourn at 8:20 p.m. Carried.

Next Meeting: March 8, 2006

Roxanne McCurdy, Clerk

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