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Meeting Minutes June 12, 2006
Board Meeting

President Gaylor called meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Council present, Gramlich, VanAuker, Weyher, Lieto, Liedel, Younglove, President Gaylor, Treasurer Grubb, Clerk McCurdy. None Absent.

Motion: Liedel 2nd Gramlich to approve the reading of 5/10/06 minutes. Carried.

Motion: VanAuker 2nd Liedel to pay bills as presented. Carried.

Motion: VanAuker 2nd Liedel to add the following bills to 6/12/06 General Fund bill register. Dave Friend ck# 14853 $231.80 Permits, Als Cabinet Shop ck# 14854 $500.00 Maybee Recreation Capital Improvement, Exeter Township ck# 14855 $16.08 publishing. Carried.

Treasure Report: accepted as printed.

Items from the Floor: Tona Rogers of Flat Rock MI. sought Councils approval of a Temporary Use Permit for the construction of a pole barn to be used as personal storage, during the construction of a residence at the same location of Bluebush & Baldwin Roads. Conditions are listed in the Temporary Use Permit.

Motion: Lieto 2nd Gramlich to approve the Temporary Use Permit for Tona & Marvin Rogers. Carried.

Old Business

Maybee Day Report: President Gaylor commended the Maybee Day Committee on a job well done. The Committee will have approximately $1000.00 to go towards the new basketball court and the new entrance signs for the village.

Multi-Purpose Building: Concrete work is now complete. Drywall is almost finished. Outside field light is up. A $3000.00 Green Scoreboard has been donated by the Iott family in memory of Ralph & Dorothy Iott. A electrical issue exists concerning the outside field light throwing a breaker and the wiring of the new scoreboard.

Alley Up Date: The alley on the block of Mill, Bluebush and Smith St. has been determined to be no platted property and does not belong to the Village of Maybee. The Village of Maybee will no longer be involved in this issue. It was suggested by the Village Attorney that all property owners who are involved have a meeting to discuss suitable solutions for all owners involved.

New Business

Cost of the Multi Purpose Building: As of today construction costs of the building have exceeded their budget. Maybee Recreation Capital Improvement will need $10,000.00 to pay existing bills and complete the construction. President Gaylor asked council to approve a transfer $10,000.00 from General Fund. It was also brought up if the Maybee Recreation should repay this money, being as the Village of Maybee owns the building. It has been decided the Maybee Recreation will not have to pay this money back to the General Fund.

Motion: Gramlich 2nd Weyher to do the listed transfer and the Maybee Recreation will not have to pay the money back.

Roll Call: Gaylor, Gramlich, VanAuker, Weyher, Younglove. Lieto, Liedel. 5 Yeas 2 Nays Carried.

Amend Budget: President Gaylor asked Council to amend the following budgets. Major Street Fund Acct. 202-463-726 Operating Supplies from $2000.00 to $3000.00 General Fund Acct. 101-965-999 Transfers from $0.00 to $10,000.00. Maybee Capital Improvement Fund Acct.000-000-699 Transfer In from $0.00 to $10,000.00

Motion: VanAuker 2nd Gramlich to amend the listed budgets. Carried.

Crack Filler for Roads: President Gaylor asked Council for their opinion regarding a machine that is a Direct Fire Melter used to fill cracks in roads. The cost is Approximately $1,500.00 & the blocks used to melt and fill cracks are $30.00 good for up to 400' per block. Council asked how the machine would transport and inquired about the clean up. Council felt the Machine is worth pursuing and President Gaylor said he would go to Detroit for a demonstration. Tabled.

Audit: No errors were found during the 2005 BI-Annual Village Audit.

Dress Code: For the safety of village employees a Dress Code is now infect. Long pants and a tee-shirt are required.

Motion: Liedel 2nd Weyher implement the new Dress Code. Carried.

Motion: Liedel 2nd Weyher to approve Glenn Schoonover to mow the following roads Bluebush, Blazer, Baldwin. Raisin, Maybee- Scofield, also mowed are the lagoons and the lane going to them. Carried.

Motion: VanAuker 2nd Gramlich to adjourn at 8:45 p.m. Carried.

Next Meeting July 12, 2006

Respectfully Submitted,

Roxanne McCurdy, Clerk

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