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Meeting Minutes July 12, 2006
Board Meeting

President Gaylor called meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Council present: VanAuker, Lieto, Liedel, Younglove, President Gaylor, Treasurer Grubb Absent: Gramlich, Weyher, Clerk McCurdy

Motion: Liedel, 2 nd Younglove to approve the reading of 6/12/06 minutes. Carried.

Motion: VanAuker, 2 nd Liedel to pay bills as presented. Carried.

Treasure Report: accepted as printed.

Old Business

Crack Filler for Roads: President Gaylor reported that the Crack Filler machine was brought to the village for a demonstration. Lifting of the machine was no problem. It is a simple one man operation done from the back of the village truck.

Motion: VanAuker, 2 nd Lieto to purchase SM-30 Direct Fire Melter at a cost of $1,499.00, a Crack Banding Machine at a cost of $334.99, and a U-Shape Crackfilling Squeegee at a cost of $54.99. Carried.

Multi-Purpose Building: Hand dryers are installed. Bathroom partitions need to be installed. Councilman Younglove reported that the electrical problems that are occurring are not new as previously thought. There were electrical problems last year that were not reported. There appears to be a weak main. The building is ready for Health Department inspection.

Sanitary Sewer Grant: According to OHM the grant for sanitary sewer looks like it will be approved for the village.

Slide at Park: The new slide has been installed in a shady area at the park. The required 12" of mulch for safety reasons has been put down. The slide will be officially ready for use on 7/13/06.

New Business

MML Contribution: Michigan Municipal League Foundation requested that the village consider making a contribution of $1,000.00 to an Endowment Fund called The Power of Knowledge Campaign which would be used to subsidize outstanding educational programs and make these programs affordable and assessable to local elected officials in Michigan. Council declined to contribute to the Endowment Fund.

Storm Sewer Mapping: A proposal by OHM for the mapping of storm sewers was presented to council by President Gaylor. The only map the village has of storms sewers is for Joseph St. For planning and maintenance of the storm sewers maps are necessary.

Each storm sewer structure would be located (estimate of 60 storm structures) via GPS and mapped at a cost of $2,500.00.

Option 1: OHM will perform a complete interior storm structure inventory during the GPS field survey. This process will include the previously mentioned spatial location as well as the addition of attributes concerning the interior of each structure e.g. depth, material, number of connections, and diameters at a cost of $3,200.00.

Option 2: OHM will submit a preliminary storm structures map following the field survey for the Village staff to draw in the storm pipes and diameters. This map will be resubmitted to OHM where a technician will transfer this information per the Village staffs notes to the final wall map. Once complete the final wall map will be as originally proposed but with the addition of the pipe locations and diameters, therefore depicting the complete system at a cost of $1,600.00.

Motion: Younglove, 2 nd Lieto: To contract with OHM for mapping of storm sewers (based on 60 storm sewer structures) Field GPS Survey & Map Compilation cost $2,500.00; Option 1: Storm Structure Inspection cost $3,200.00; Option 2: Pipe digitization cost $1,600.00, with total cost being $7,300.00. Motion includes authorization for President Gaylor to sign necessary contract for storm sewer mapping. Carried.

Plumbing Inspector: Plumbing inspector Terry Durocher submitted a letter of resignation effective July 28, 2006. Reason given was due to PA733 of 2002 which states that if you are employed as a master or journey plumber you cannot also be employed as an inspector. Mr. Durocher's resignation was accepted by council.

Ordinance Enforcement: Enforcement of ordinances was discussed. Council agreed that all ordinances need to be enforced uniformly.

Appreciation Open House: Councilman Younglove would like to have an open house in appreciation for everyone who helped make the New Multi-Purpose building possible. The open house will be coordinated with the Maybee Recreation Commission.

Motion: Lieto, 2 nd Liedel to adjourn at 8:07 p.m. Carried.

Next Meeting August 9, 2006

Respectfully Submitted,

Jean Grubb, Treasurer

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