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Meeting Minutes August 9, 2006
Board Meeting

President Gaylor opened meeting at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Those in attendance Council Gramlich, VanAuker, Lieto, Younglove, President Gaylor, Treasurer Grubb, Clerk McCurdy. Those absent Council Weyher, Liedel.

Motion: Gramlich 2nd Younglove to approve with corrections the reading of 7/12/06 minutes. Carried.

Motion: VanAuker 2nd Gramlich to pay bills as presented. Carried.

Treasurers Report accepted as printed.

Items From the Floor

•  Meeting was attended by Mike Sperling Candidate for County Commissioner.

•  Ms. Jamie Dean Solid Waste Management Coordinator asked Council to adopt a Resolution requested by MDEQ to include Gasper Recycling & Acton Disposal as Solid Waste Transfer Facilities.

Motion: Lieto 2nd Younglove to adopt Resolution as printed. Resolution on file. Carried.

Old Business

Sanitary Sewer Grant: The Village of Maybee has been approved for a $114,000.00 Grant.

Storm Sewer Mapping: Instead of the 68 storm drains the Village actually has 132. The Drains have been opened and examined, 18 of the 132 drains need to be vacuumed and dimensions given to OHM.

Plumbing Inspector: President Gaylor asked Council to appoint Bernard Joseph Zarb Jr. as the new Village Plumbing Inspector. Mr. Zarb is a Registered Code Official and Inspector.

Motion: Gramlick 2nd Lieto to appoint Mr. Zarb as Plumbing Inspector. Carried.

New Business

Farmers Market: There will be a Farmers Market set up behind Republic Bank on Saturdays starting 8/12/06 from 8:00 a.m. till 12:00 p.m. President Gaylor checked with MML on any insurance liabilities.

Motion: Gramlich 2nd Lieto to approve the new Farmers Market. Carried.

Welcome Signs: New welcome signs for both ends of Bluebush & Baldwin Rds. will be purchased courtesy of the Maybee Day Committee.

Benefits for Ed Dennis: President Gaylor asked council to approve a pay increase for Ed Dennis from $9.50 to $10.00 per hour and three paid holidays ( Labor Day, Thanks Giving and Christmas).

Motion: Gramlich 2nd Lieto to approve a pay increase & paid holidays for Ed Dennis. Carried.

Paving of Bluebush Council reviewed and discussed the hiring of OHM or Mannik and Smith as the engineering firm for the reconstruction of Bluebush Rd. Both Mannik and Smith and OHM can start working on the engineering this year and put project out for bid as early as December.

Motion: Gramlich 2nd Younglove After discussion and review Council decided to hire OHM as the engineering firm for the said project. Motion also includes approval for President Gaylor to sign all documents concerning of the paving project. Carried.

Budget Amendments: President Gaylor asked Council to amend the following budgets, General Fund Acct. 101-171-873 Mayor Misc. from $450.00 to $600.00 Acct. 101-223-807 Auditing Fees from $9,000.00 to $10,000.00. Major Street Fund Acct. 202-463-726 Operating Supplies from $ 3,000.00 to $ 4,500.00 Acct. 202-483-801 Engineering Contracted Services from $ 0.00 to $33,000.00

Motion: Gramlick 2nd VanAuker to approve amending the above listed Accounts. Carried.

Big Item Pick Up Schedule for the Big Item Pick Up is set for September 17, 2006.

Motion: Lieto 2nd Gramlick to adjourn at 8:50 p.m. Carried.

Next meeting: September 13, 2006

Respectfully Submitted,

Roxanne McCurdy, Clerk

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