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Village of Maybee, Michigan
Village Hall, 9051 Raisin St.
Maybee, MI 48159

Ordinance No. 102A

An Ordinance to amend Ordinance No. 102A of the Village of Maybee entitled: An Ordinance establishing compensation to be received by the President and Trustees of the Village of Maybee.

 The Village of Maybee ordains:

 Section 1.

That the President, Treasurer and Clerk of the Village of Maybee shall receive the sum of Three Hundred dollars for each Month of service by them during their term of office and the Trustees shall each receive the sum of Twenty-five dollars for each regular meeting of the Village Council by them attended during their term of office. Said payments to be made out of the general fund of the Village Treasury.

 Section 2,

This Ordinance shall become effective twenty (20) days after final passage and adoption.

 I, Roxanne McCurdy, Clerk of the Village of Maybee, do hereby certify that the above Ordinance was approved and adopted by the Village Council at the regular meeting thereof, held on the _____

Day of ____________________, 2004, at ________________ p.m. Eastern Standard Time, the vote thereon being as follows:

In favor of Ordinance (  )

Against the Ordinance (  )


Roxanne McCurdy

Village of Maybee




Leonard G Gaylor

President, Village of Maybee

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