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What is Nurturing?

Nurturing is the ability to care for and foster growth in yourself and others. All of us-parents and children- need limits and rules. We also need understanding, warmth, respect and praise. All these are part of nurturing.

Nurturing is the bedrock of parent/child relationships. Nurturing is necessary to produce the next generation of healthy, responsible, and self supporting adults.

Nurturing helps parents establish a way of life and learn skills to help them to get along better with their children.

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Please call for more information: 734-240-3850

Jodette Rose, MSW, RSW Program Coordinator, EXT. 232

Andrea Hoffman, BA Group Facilitator, EXT. 250

Tera Bias, BA Hispanic Services Specialist, EXT. 306

"Federal and/or State funding through the MDCH SUBSTANCE ABUSE and/or local funding through SEMCA have been provided to support in the project costs."

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