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Bygones of Monroe:


Death claimed its usual quota of Monroe citizens during 1948. The list included many whose activities in business, the professions, elective or civic services made them more newsworthy than others but whose loss to loved ones was no greater.

The village of Carleton lost a prominent citizen no less than four times during 1948, the list including Cash Herman, merchant, who died March 23 at the age of 71; Frank Woodward, a village official, who died March 31 at the age of 81; Charles W. Staub, another veteran in politics who died Nov. 24 at the age of 69 and Theodore H. Kahlbaum, prominent mill operator, who died Dec. 9 also at the age of 69.

[Indecipherable] .former Monroe mayor, Charles L. Haas, who died at the age of 56 years on Nov 28, and one of Monroe's most kindly women, Jenny Sawyer, who was 86 at the time of her death Nov. 1. Miss Sawyer had earlier turned over her home to civic uses and the Sawyer Memorial building now houses the Red Cross, the Historical Society and provides meeting places for other organizations.

An incomplete list of those whose deaths affected the thoughts of those beyond the more immediate family circle would include, in chronological order: Charles A. French, 94, of Holland, Mich., who died Jan. 17 in Florida and who published The Evening News from 1918 to 1928; Jan. 30, Daniel F. Sullivan, 84, a Monroe County drain commissioner for more than 30 years; Feb. 3, Mrs. C. Q. Baron, wife of an official of Consolidated Paper Co., killed in automobile accident in Florida; Feb. 17, Mrs. Waiter Gessaman, 59, wife of Monroe's port commission chairman; Feb. 21, [?] Wuest, 53, official of Weis Manufacturing Co.; Feb 25, Roland E. Ott, 46; Mar. 20, Mrs. Frank L. A. Mitchell; Mar. 26, William E. Sturn, 69, veteran merchant and secretary of Michigan Council, Knights of Columbus for 25 years; Apr. 19, William C. Stoner, 74, manager of Hurd-Sterling for many years; May 23, the Rev. Adolph Roeder, 81, retired, pastor of Holy Ghost Lutheran Church at Sandy Creek for 35 years; June 28, Otto Lammers, 51, golfer and manager of the Hixon-Peterson Lumber Co.; June 28, Police Captain Marcus F. Latray, 45; July 14, the Rev. Edward Stephens, 34, assistant at Monroe St. John's; July 17, Arthur E. Steiner, 67, Monroe attorney and former Notre Dame football player; July 22, Fred J. Fischer, 46, cashier of Monroe State Bank and a banker for 28 years; July 27, Mrs. Mary Bell, Milan's oldest resident at the age of 99; July 29, Augustus A. Dohm, 87, Erie farmer and Township official; Aug. 23, Mrs. Barbara K. Walter, 92, director of River Raisin Paper Co.; Aug. 29, Dr. James C. Wood, 90, historian, in Cleveland; Sept. 3, C. Walter Vandegrift, 71, florist in Monroe for over 40 years and former Michigan commander of United Spanish War Veterans; Sept 14, C. Ward Andrews, 52, Monroe County Agricultural Agent for 18 years; Sept. 28, Eleanor Lauer, 65, member of one of Monroe's oldest mercantile families; Oct 3, Charles S. Richards, 47, hotel owner; Nov. 11, Cyrus A. Olmsted, 85, long active in Masonic circles here; Nov. 24, Dorothea Althoefer, 75, milliner; Dec. 12, John R. Black, 66, retired industrialist.

(Monroe Evening News, December 31, 1948)

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