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Bygones of Monroe:

Arrival Of The Remains Of Capt. Strong

The remains of Capt. G.A. Strong who fell so gloriously at the battle of Pittsburg Landing, arrived here on the early train this morning in charge of Sergeant Darrah.  The funeral will take place at 2 o’clock P.M.

We learn that Capt. Strong was wounded at the first volley from the enemy, and that his men were from the spot, leaving him on the field.  A rebel soldier had him carefully placed in a tent, and his wound temporarily dressed.  This was on Sunday morning.  Here he remained until the rebels were driving back on Saturday, and the ground again taken possession of by our troops.  He lived until the Thursday following.

Hiram Jacobs of Capt. Strong’s company wounded by a rifle shot in the thigh also arrived here with Sergeant Darrah and Cranfield, and is doing well.
The following wounded in Capt. Strong’s company were brought up to Cincinnati:

Samuel Ravenau wounded in the thigh and in the wrist and three fingers shot off.  The young man, after his fingers were gone bravely stood his ground and kept firing away at the enemy until more severely hurt.
            J.J Parks, wounded in the arm.
            J.J. Nichols, wounded in the head.
            J. Nichols, wounded in the lungs.
            Ben Gifford, wounded in the leg and amputated.
            Lieut. Wallace, wounded in arm.
            Sergeant James Brown, wounded in arm.
            John Potter, hip bone fractured by being struck by artillery wagon.
            And the wounded of the 15th Regiment which had been brought in when the boat left Pittsburg were brought to Cincinnati.  There may be a few others left behind, but probably not many.
            James Murphy of this place, was killed on the battlefield.
            Peter Hivron also of this county was wounded in the lungs, and died before reaching Cincinnati.

(Monroe Commercial, April 17, 1862, Page 3, Column 1)

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