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Bygones of Monroe:

From the 15th Regiment

Our townsmen, Capt. G.W. Strong and John W. Reisig, arrived home on Tuesday evening, after an absence of two months with the 15th Michigan Regiment before Corinth.  Capt. Strong appears in tolerable health, but Mr. Reisig has been seriously sick much of the time, first with typhoid fever, and then with constitutional diseases aggravated by those incident to the climate.  He is still in very poor health, but slowly recovering.  They left Corinth on Tuesday, the 3rd inst., and brought with them a very large number of letters.  Many who have friends in the Regiment, and have found difficulty in hearing from them, will now be gratified in this respect.

Mr. Reisig paints a sad picture of the state of things in Halleck’s army, and the sufferings the poor soldiers are subjected to. Scanty and poor rations, sick and uncared for with no comforts, and totally inadequate hospital accommodations—they die like sheep.  There is evidently a screw loose somewhere.  Either officers are neglectful of their duty, or else have failed to learn what their duty is.  They at least might have sufficient rations, with proper exertions of Regimental quarter-masters, and the companies themselves, with the right kind of management, could have their rations well cooked, so that they need not suffer for food.  But even this, he says, is not done.  Sick soldiers are obliged to eat raw pork and hard bread, or starve.

Mr. Reisig also confirms what has been before asserted by army correspondents, that the fortifications about Corinth were weak and miserable, and that our army could have taken the place with small loss.  He even asserts that at the last of the occupation of the place by the rebels, many of their pickets were simply old clothes stuffed with straw.  This is a little ahead of quaker guns.

(Monroe Commercial, June 12, 1862, Page 2, Column 2)




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