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Bygones of Monroe:

From the 15th Regiment
Since our last issue Mrs. Col. Oliver has returned from a visit to the 15th Regiment, “way down in Dixie.”  Col. Oliver is still commanding a brigade, and the Regiment is under Lt. Col. McDermott.  The Regiment was on detached service, at Chewalla, some 11 miles west of Corinth.  Mrs. Oliver brings the gratifying intelligence that the Reg’t was astonishingly healthy, there being at that time not a single sick man in the Regimental hospital.  Mrs. Oliver took with her a box and barrel of delicacies for the Regiment, put up by the Soldiers Aid Society.  That the ladies of the Society may know that their efforts are fully appreciated, we give place to the following letters:
Mrs. Col. J.M. Oliver:
Dear Madam:  You will permit me through you to tender to the good Ladies of Monroe, on behalf of the officers of the 15th, their most sincere, but insufficient thanks, for the bountiful variety of fruits, jellies and preserves just received.  I do assure you the kindness ever manifested by the Ladies of Monroe to us, shall ever find a place in our hearts.
                                                                        I am dear madam,
                                                                                Yours most respectfully
                                                                                                   Jno McDermott,
                                                                                                Lt. Col. Commanding.


Chewalla, Tenn., Sept. 28, 1862
To Col. J.M. Oliver:
            Dear Sir:  The members and officers of Co. G, of the 15th Mich. Infantry, having been the recipients of sundry articles sent us by the Ladies of Monroe, through your estimable Lady, we beg to express our heartfelt thanks for the same, feeling as we do that our friends at home have not forgotten us who by the fortunes of war are separated from our families and the social circle.  We are far away, fighting to restore our glorious and time-honored Constitution, and to know that the loved ones at home think of us, gives us new hope and new courage.  We therefore beg you will express to Mrs. Oliver our thanks, and that through her the ladies may know how grateful the boys of the 15th fee.  We say God bless them. 
                                                                                    Lt. F.X. Soleau, & others.



Clarksville, Tenn., Sept. 27th, 1862
To the Ladies of Monroe:
            The members of Company D and myself are deeply indebted to the Ladies of Monroe for the splendid present of preserves and fruits, which was so kindly brought us by Mrs. Col. John M. Oliver.  We shall always hold in grateful remembrance the kind act, showing as it does, that the 15th Michigan still holds a place in the memory of those in whose neighborhood the regiment was raised. 
            To Mrs. Col. John Oliver we are deeply indebted for the trouble and inconvenience it must have caused in bringing the box so long and tedious a journey.
            Again with many thanks,
            I am, Madam, your much indebted serv’t,
                                                          John Stewart,
                            Capt. Co. D, 15th Regt. Mich. Inf.


Chewalla, Tenn., Sept. 27th, 1862

To the Ladies of Monroe:  The members of Company I, 15th Reg’t. Michigan Infantry, tender their sincere and grateful thanks to the Ladies of Monroe, for their kind remembrance in sending the Reg’t. a box of delicious preserves and fruit, of which we received our share.  We also tender our thanks to Mrs. Col. J.M. Oliver, for the care and interest she has taken in bringing it, and also in paying us a visit in camp.
                                                            John Darrah,
                                    Ord’lly. Serg’t, Co. I, 15th Michigan Inf.


(Monroe Commercial, October 9, 1862, Page 3, Column 2)



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