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Bygones of Monroe:

Monroe Democrat, Thursday, August 15, 1901

TOO EASY: The Tigers Downed the Home Team After the boys showed us two weeks ago how the National game ought to be played, they gave the patrons an article of yellow ball, Sunday that if repeated often will kill the game here. But we know that they can do better and will forgive them their "stage fright" if they will do better the next time. Something was wrong, for the boys did not play ball; and then to try a new pitcher, when they had one of the strongest teams in the world to play against. The Tigers have defeated American and National League teams. We would like to have seen Bussey in the game. We knew the home team would have been defeated but every one would have felt better. Bussey was a great help to the team and it will be hard to fill his place.

The Tigers took kindly to Fox that when the last man was out in the first inning they had scored seven times. Egan who took his place in the second did much better.

Grant was the first man to bat and took a base on balls; Johnson's bunt helped him to second; Buckner was hit by the pitcher. With the bases filled Andrews let the ball pass and Grant scored. Morris singled; Johnson scored. R.Johnson out on foul; then Brassen sent a hot one to center, bringing Buckner and Morris home. Fox thought it was about time to give the Tigers another present so he let Binge take first on balls. All the visitor's men had had a chance to hit the ball and Grant went to bat again, but it was plain that they were tired and thought it about time to close this inning, but to make the result more certain they took two more scores.

In the second inning Buckner sent one out to the right field and took first base. Morris bunted. Then right there they thought it was time to show the home club and people how to play tag and when the Monroe boys remembered that it was baseball they were playing Buckner had scored and Morris was holding down third base, but Morris played a trifle too long and was retired by trying to come home. Only one score was made in this inning.

The home team never knew what a score looked like until the seventh inning, and this was the way it was made. Egan was given first on balls; Taft singled. Then Munro broke the spell by helping Egan home. Morris spoiled the run Taft should have made, by one of the longest and best throws ever seen on the home grounds. This retired the side.

In the eighth two more runs were made by the Tigers on a lost ball. Buckner was next to bat and struck out. Morris could not reach first. R. Johnson was helped to first by an error of Roeder, but no more scores were made.

Dushane out on a long fly to the centerfield. Roeder made first on an error and came in on Andrews' three base hit. Andrews was left on third.

The visitors failed to score in the ninth. Roeder was given first by an error of the pitcher. Davison also took first on an error. Fox was caught trying to steal second. Dushane's long play brought in two more scores. The official score is Tigers 11; Monroe 4.

Monroe Democrat, Thursday, August 15, 1901

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