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The Monroe Binder Board company's mill, which is the latest of Monroe's new industries, began operations the forepart of this week Further more, they began work filling orders right from the start, having enough orders booked to keep them busy until well along in January, although no effort has been made to drum up business. The firm begins with thirty or more employees,, both night and day shifts, but this number will be increased before very hour.

The plant has a capacity of eight tons per day. The output will include binder's board, cloth board, buggy board, backing board for mirrors and for various kinds of furniture. The company was organized last June with a capital stock of $50,000.00 and with the following officers.

Pres. and Mngr- L.W. Newcomer.

Vice Pres- Dr. L. C. Kuapp.

Sec Treas-L.W Leathers

Directors- The officers above named, M.F. Leathers, Charles Eggert and H.Valimont.

Charles Eggert, who has had fifteen years experience in paper making, will have charge of the machine room and H.A Valimont of the finishing room.

The building is located on a three acre piece of land in the Ilgenfritz plat, in the first ward, and front on Roosevelt avenue. It has sidings to both the Pere Marquette and Lake Shore steam roads. It is built entirely of cement blocks, with cement floors and concrete foundations for the machinery. This makes the building practically fire proof, lumber being used only in the roof and supports. Its floor space is about 25,000 square feet, and provides room for four 60 inch machines.

In the northeast portion is the boiler room, 30 by 60 feet and the engine room, 24 by 36 feet. South of these is the finishing room, 75 by 90 feet. The beater room is at the north and west of the boiler and engine rooms, and measures 40 by 100 feet. South of this is the machine room, 50 by 100 feet. The southwestern part of the building is given up to the drying room. 50 by 55 feet.

The plant now has two heater machines and two 60 inch paper making machines, but two more paper machines will be added next spring. The motive power is by a 250 horse power engine in the engine room, a 75 horse power engine in the machine room and another for running the dynamo, for the building will be lighted by electricity, the company manufactured its own current.

The building was erected under the supervision of George Diffenburgh who also designed it.

There can be no question that the plant and equipment, together with the officers and their charge, can compare with the best of them for quality. So that all that is needed is to find a suitable market for the output, of which there if not the lest doubt, from the way customers have been applying to the firm long before the plant was completed. As the employees will for the most part be from the city influence of the new concern in keeping Monroe's young men at home will be quite appreciable. And as the stock is nearle all held by Monroe people, the profits, as well as the wages, will remain here. All in all, it is a most desirable and welcome addition to Monroe's industries.

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