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Bygones of Monroe:

Black Eagle

"Mose Nadeau and John L. Hoffman, while down in the 'mash' shooting last Thursday, killed a monster black eagle. These young Bogarduses were lying snugged away in the boat for a duck, when Mose looked up and saw this libel on American independence swooping down upon them like a half-starved tramp printer on a free lunch stand, and remarked to John: "Here comes a crane, let's give him a pop." Mose must have been eating a lemon, or he never would have insulted a crane in that manner. When this species of poultry got within range, they opened up their artillery and surprised him; he fell a few feet away from the boat and immediately made for it, when they discovered their mistake, and as he attempted to crawl in one side, to avenge the insult, they started to crawl out on the other, but neither of them being swimmers, concluded they would rather run their chances with a half-dead eagle than take a bath, so, clubbing their guns, after a desperate fight the lamp of life gave out, and they hauled him in the boat. He measured 7 ¾ feet from tip to tip of wings and weighed about 25 pounds; the leg, just above the talons, measured 3 ½ inches around, and his talons, when spread, measured 8 ½ inches from toe to heel, and his claws measured 2 and 2 ¾ inches long. It is confidently asserted, by good judges, that he could whip a sick mouse in a fair fight in just three minutes."

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