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Bygones of Monroe:

Circuit Court.

Circuit Court opened Tuesday with 34 cases on the docket. A number of the cases have been continued and will go over to the next term.-The following were disposed of up to yesterday afternoon:

Merrit Peckham, et al, vs. O.H. Russel. Cause dismissed without costs to defendant.

Elroy M. Avery vs. Henry C. spalding. Continued, with $5.00 to plaintiff.

The People vs. John Gobble, bastardy. Stricken from calendar.

Jas. A. Loranger vs. L.S. & M.S. Ry. Co., trespass on the case. Continued.

Warren L. Potter, Patrick Taylor, John H. Conway and Reuben Murphy vs. the L.S. & M.S. Ry. Co. and the F.&P.M.R.R. Co. Continued without costs, and plaintiff to amend declarations on or before May 1 st .

Paul Laduke vs. A.B. Chapman, Jr. Stricken from docket.

John Niedermeir vs. S.A. DuPaul. Stricken from Docket.

Michael Bollenstein vs. Lizzie Bollenstein, divorce, degree granted.

B. Frank Miller vs. Florence Miller, divorce, decree granted.

The Auditor General, in behalf of the State of Michigan, decree denied as to L.S. & M.S. Co.

Frank T. Rowe vs. Joseph Bushroe, case; verdict and $1,000 damages to plaintiff.

Monroe Democrat, April 7, 1882 p1 c1

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