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Bygones of Monroe:


(Monroe Evening News, Saturday, October 25, 1919, Vol ., V, No. 220)

At 2 o'clock Sunday Morning the Time will be Officially Returned to Its Regular Channel.


Sun time or what many of the city folks term "Farmers Time," comes back to its own at 2 o'clock Sunday morning after being dormant since last May.

At 2 o'clock Sunday morning the daylight saving time will be officially abolished and sun time will be returned to its regular channel. If you set your clock back an hour before going to bed you will not notice the change when you get up Sunday morning. The only difference will be that the electric lights may not be burning . The naval observatory at Washington will attend to regulation and you won't know the difference unless you happen to be up keeping company with the "Night Hawks" or "settin' in" in a little sociable game, commonly known as "poker" at the time.

The county building clock will be changed back to sun time at midnight tonight. "Bud" Nadeau, the janitor of the building made this announcement this afternoon and if he doesn't fall asleep before that time he will keep his word.

Detroit and a number of other cities throughout the state are not going to make a change in the time and as a result the traveling public will have to "watch it's step".

To avoid any confusion just set your clock back an hour before going to bed tonight and everything will be satisfactory when friend, wife call you tomorrow morning and tells you that breakfast is ready.

Church services will be held at the usual hour tomorrow and other matters will go along as usual. The transition from "saving time" to normal will be without pain and without discomfort if you regulate the clock before you retire tonight.

The abolishing of the "saving time: was done at the request of the farmers who stoutly claimed that they were losing an hour each day instead of gaining one and that the cattle would not heed, the "saving time" when it came to feeding time. President Wilson made an effort to save the daylight saving plan time but the lawmakers abolished it over his veto.

(Monroe Evening News, Saturday, October 25, 1919, Vol ., V, No. 220)

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