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Bygones of Monroe:

(Monroe Commercial, May 24, 1878, frontpage)

New Fairgrounds

The officers of the Agricultural Society are putting things through with commendable activity on the new County Fair Grounds, just east of the Canada Southern R.R. Depot. The Grounds have already been enclosed with a splendid eight foot tight fence, built with lumber taken from the old grounds and by donated labor. The track has been surveyed and laid out, ready for team work, and the officers now desire donations of labor from men and teams, for this purpose. There is scarcely a farmer who takes any interest at all in the County Agricultural Society, but will gladly donate a day's work, or more with a man and a team.

It is proposed to do this work on Saturdays, and those who are willing to do so are requested to report to Thomas Doyle, Superintendent of the grounds, or to H. Shaw Noble, Secretary, designating the day on which they will put in their appearance. Those who prefer to come some other day that Saturday, will be accommodated, but it is proposed to make each Saturday a "bee day" and to accomplish as much of this work as possible on Saturdays until it is completed.

The money resources of the Society are quite limited, and it seems to be the easiest and only way to get this work done to call for donations. And the sooner the track is made and the more time it will have to settle, and the better condition it will be in for the Fair.

(Monroe Commercial, May 24, 1878, frontpage)

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