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Bygones of Monroe:

FIRE LOSS IS $60,000

Wahl Brewing Company, Chas. Mainzinger, Sr. and John Wahl are the losers. 

One of the worst fire in the history of Monroe wrought havoc early Friday morning, causing a loss of $60,000 and totally destroying every building along the river front from the Wahl Brewing company's plant to the home of Charles Mainzinger.

The fire started in one of the horse barns shortly before two o'clock and the high north-east wind made it impossible to check it. The buildings crowded each other closely and it is fortunate that the three residences were saved. Every available piece of hose was put into playas quickly as possible, there being six streams from the water mains, besides those from the engine, but they produced but little appreciable effect at first. As we go to

Press this morning, the department is still working to subdue the flames.

The Wahl Brewing Co. lose their fine plant, most of the walls having collapsed and the others rendered useless. Their office building, a horse barn, three ice houses, a storage shed and a buggy shed are also gone. Further, they lost nine horses valued at $125 each. They place their loss to the plant at $20,000 and to brewery stock at $10,000; insurance $15,000.

Charles Mainzinger loses his hide and wool storage building and its contents of a whole season's purchase of wool, a large quantity of corn, hides and tallow. His loss is $20,000; partially insured.

John Wahl's loss consists of his fine horse barn, 36 by 60 by 20 feet, perhaps the finest in the county; also six horses worth $125.00 each, a storage shed, buggy shed, fish wagon, etc. Loss is between $8,000 and $10,000; partially insured.

The contents of all the buildings were lost. About all that the Brewing company saved is the bottling house, west of the main plant.

Walter Hackett, member of Germania Hose company, stumbled over a low piece of poultry netting and fell violently to the cement walk, breaking his left arm. When the brewery burned four years ago, Mr. Hackett had helped three horses out of Mr. Wahl's barn and this morning he endeavored to repeat the deed and was crossing the lots along the same path, when he met with his injury.

(Monroe Democrat, Friday, December 1 st , 1905.)

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