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Number Installed in 1905 Broke All Records.

The year 1905 again gave strong evidence of the great public favor gained by the Floral City Heaters sold by the Monroe Hardware Co., for more were put into homes and business places in the city and county than in any other previous year, although it had been hardly expected that last year's number would be exceeded. This speaks well not only for the energy of the hardware firm but the merits of the heaters as well. The following is the list of heaters installed in the county during the past season:

Frank Yaeger, City, hot water.

Peter Staddleman, City, hot water.

Eaton, double store, City, steam.

Mrs. Appleman, City, warm air.

Frank Benderitter, City, hot water.

Tony Lavoy, City, warm air.

Mrs. Sarah Whipple, City, warm air.

Dr. Wm. F. Acker, City, hot water.

Frank Sturn, City, warm air.

Egle & Kirschner, City, warm air.

Henry Maurer, City, warm air.

Dr. Wm. F. Knapp, city, warm air.

Charles Topurn, City, warm air.

Eugene Young, City, warm air.

F. C. Deinzer, City, combination.

James Donahue, City, warm air.

H. D. Hoffman, City, hot water.

George J. Ohr, City, hot water.

Trinity Lutheran School, City, combination.

James Horn, City, warm air.

Record Commercial Building, City, steam.

Mrs. Dan Sullivan, City, warm air.

Frank Mitchell, City, hot water.

Frank Walters, City, warm air.

George Bernitt, City, warm air.

Wm. Keegan, City, hot water.

Zion Lutheran Church, City, warm air.

First National Bank, City, warm air.

First National Bank, City, steam.

Harrington & Schmidt, City, steam.

State Savings Bank, City, steam.

F. J. Meyer in four houses, City, warm air.

City Library, City, steam.

Hubble Block, City, steam.

N. Berger, Maybee, warm air.

Joseph Miller, Maybee, warm air.

Fred Hoeltzer, Maybee, warm air.

Henry, Harpst, Maybee, warm air.

Joseph Hasenau, Maybee, warm air.

John Miller, Maybee, warm air.

Joe Baierley, Maybee, warm air.

Fred Kingston, Grape, warm air.

John Shlump, Ida, warm air.

John Hehl, Ida, warm air.

E. L. Lockwood, Petersburg, warm air.

Fred Kohler, Petersburg, hot water.

E. A. Allen, Azalia, warm air.

F. H. Noble & Co., Azalia, warm air.

E. F. Cooper, Azalia, combination.

J. W. Meadows, Azalia, hot water.

G. C. Crocker, Erie, warm air.

Erie School, Erie, warm air.

Julius Niedermeier, Newport, warm air.

Otto Niedermeier, Newport, warm air.

Dr. Valade, Newport, combination.

Harvey Calkins, Newport, warm air.

Dr. A. E. Unger, Dundee, hot water.

Austin B. Chapman, South Rockwood, warm air.

Charles Brey, Steiner, warm air.

Wm. Milleman, North Rockwood, hot water.

Fred Rath, Raisinville, hot water.

Arthur O. Kinney, Temperance, hot water.

Christ Heck, Pleasant Creek, warm air.

Henry Oberleiter, Carleton, warm air.

South Rockwood public school, steam.

(Monroe Democrat, January 12 th , 1906.)

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