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Bygones of Monroe:


On April 9 th Charles Sancraint shied a big stone at Ald. Solcau's $50 new milk cow which was supposed to be grazing on the highway, but in reality was reaching through Mr. Sancraint's fence and helping herself to a mouthful of his front yard. He merely intended to frighten her, but hit her squarely in the forehead, fracturing her skull and killing her. He paid for the cow and had beef enough to last him all summer.

Ground has been broken at St. Mary's Academy for a new building to be 34x70 feet. It will be a two story and basement structure, all above ground, and will be in brick and trimmed in the same style as the other buildings. The building will stand on the rivers edge directly in the rear of the main building. The north side being 25 feet south of the wings with which it will be connected by verandas on a level with the first floor. This will give a promenade around a court of nearly 100 feet square. The south side which faces the city will be finished as a front, and the building will be a decided improvement to this already beautiful institution.

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