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Bygones of Monroe:

The Muskrat Banquet.

The Monroe Yacht club will conduct its third annual muskrat banquet on Thursday, December 28 th , along different lines than formerly. Instead of selling chances etc. to coax the dollars from the pockets of the guests, the price has been raised to $1.00 per plate. The banquet will be held in the drill room of the Armory. In the theatre a fine entertainment will be given, details of which will be announced later. This is free to all who pay for a ticket to the banquet. The aim will be to break away from the idea of a bazaar and to make the event one of out-and-out pleasure and entertainment.

Invitations have been sent out by the thousands and both club members and merchants are sending mail matter almost exclusively in envelopes displaying a muskrat on the face side, with suitable printed matter calling attention to the event and proclaiming Monroe as "the liveliest town in Michigan." These envelopes are being used by the tens of thousands, and if the yacht club and former ratfests have failed to make Monroe a household word in every city within 500 miles, the coming one will do so. As it is, the fame of these affairs has spread from Maine to California.

The event will be given the greatest possible publicity and a club press agent has been appointed, William Roeder, whose duty it is to see that every newspaper within reach is kept continually informed of all that pertains to it. The electric railway has also taken hold and will display a large picture of a "mush-rat" on the front of its cars shortly before the date. The desire this year is not so much to make money, as to give everyone, especially the visiting yachtsmen, a royal time and to extend the reputation of the club and the city for hospitality.

(Monroe Democrat, November 24 th , 1905.)

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