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Bygones of Monroe:

Letters From A Paroled Prisoner

Our Monroe boys of the 4th Regiment heard from.

We have before us a private letter from Lewis Grant, of the 24th Regt., to his brother in this city, dated at Anapolis Aug. 3rd.  The writer was taken prisoner at Gettysburg, and had just arrived at Anapolis from Richmond, having been paroled.  We make some extracts from the letter.

            “We arrived here about two hours ago, from one of the dirtiest holes in all the rebel dominions—a place that will be famed in history for starvation, filth and misery.  We had one half ounce of dog meat and about three ounces of bread per day, and was not allowed to go to the river to wash, although it was only about 10 yards distant; and as for soap, it was out of all reason to talk of it.  There are some of the 4th Michigan boys on Bell Island yet, and they told me if I got out before they did, that I should mention them in my letter.  They are Sergeant Karney, Corporal Whipple, Sergeant Lassey, and three others whose names I do not know, all from Monroe.

            I had my gun shivered to atoms by the fragment of a shell.  I picked up another, fired it off to try it, found it in good condition and went at them again.  A short time after it was taken out of my hand, but when I picked it up to look at it, found it was only the sling that was cut.  The gun was not hurt.  A little while after that we were forced to give way, and then commenced the slaughter.  They were dropping in front, on each side, and in the rear.  One went through my coat, just grazing the skin.  We were making for the town of Gettysburg, and when we got there the streets were completely jammed up with soldiers, horses, and artillery.  Then the rebs opened a galing fire of grape and canister through the streets.  I got into an entry with some others and was taken there.”

(Monroe Commercial, August 13, 1863, Page 2, Column 3)

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