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Bygones of Monroe:


On Saturday, the 26th inst., the Orchard Committee of the State Pomological Society visited Mr. Bruckner.s vineyard on Snake Island, which was entered for a premium. After the committee had completed the examination and the party, including the committee, the Messrs. Ilgenfritz of Monroe Nurseries, Mr. Bruckner and his family and other ladies had assembled at the boat landing to return, Mr. Adams.of Kalamazoo county, asked that the debarkation be delayed a few moments, as he had something of importance to say before the party assembled; and he would move that the name of the island be changed.

The motion was seconded by Mr. Charles Ilgenfritz. The chairman of the Orchard Committee, Mr. Betts, of St. Joseph Co., said: "Ladies and gentlemen, that this island may hereafter possess a more euphonious title . a name more agreeable and pleasing to the imagination and more appropriate withal, it is moved and seconded that a change be made. Are you ready for the question?." The question was put and carried unanimously; whereupon the said Mr. Adams again moved this island be known hereafter and forever by the name and title of "Bruckner's Lotus Island."

This is one of the few places in this county where the Egyptian Lotus is found. It grows about the shores quite plentifully, and in various other parts of Plum Creek Bay and in the bayous near the mouth of the River Raisin.

(Monroe Commercial, October 1, 1874, p.1, c.2)

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