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Disaster Preparedness

Are You Ready? - A guide to Citizen Preparedness

In case of an emergency

The Fermi 2 nuclear power plant siren system covers a 10-mile radius around the Frenchtown Township plant. The sirens are tested at 10 a.m. the last Wednesday of each month. If you hear the three-minute long siren blast at another time, it could be signaling either an emergency at the Fermi plant, a tornado or other weather emergencies.

If you hear the sirens:

  • Go Indoors and close all windows. Go to the basement if possible.
  • Turn off all ventilation systems, such as air conditioning and furnace.
  • If you must go outside, cover your mouth.
  • Listen to and follow the official directions and information.
  • If necessary, call a special rumor-control number that is active only during an emergency. That number is 243-8600, 243-8601, 243-8602, 243-6907, or 243-6769.
  • Tune the radio or TV to the emergency alert system. EAS can be found at: WJR-AM 760, WWJ-AM 950, WDFN-AM 1130, WCSX-FM 94.7, WTWR-FM 98.3, WJBK-TV 2, WDIV-TV 4, WXYZ-TV 7, WXON-TV 20, WKBD-TV 50, WTVS-TV 56, WWJ-TV 62.

Source: Detroit Edison

Protect Yourself

Experts say that what happens within the first half-hour of a disaster can determine whether a person lives or dies. These tips can help in the event of any tragedy, from a house fire to a terrorist attack.

  • Stay Calm so you think. Panic kills
  • Assess the threat and determine how you can protect yourself.
  • Think about your health and safety and forget about property.
  • Help and warn others only if you can do so without putting yourself in danger.
  • Call 911. Hope that help arrives quickly, but be prepared if it does not.
  • Adapt as the situation changes.
  • When help arrives, follow directions of firefighters and police.
  • Listen to the radio for updates.

Source: Oakwood Healthcare System.

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