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Fuel Economy Guide

The EPA has revised the way it calculates MPG on vehicles so that faster speed limit laws, quicker acceleration, air conditioner use, and colder outside temperatures are all taken into consideration.

Why should we care about fuel economy?

  1. Obtaining a higher MPG saves consumers money. This is highly important to most people in today’s tight economy.
  2. Obtaining a higher MPG has a strengthening effect on national energy security by reducing dependence on foreign resources.
  3. Obtaining a higher MPG works to protect the environment from the harmful effects of producing and using gas and oil. These effects range from global warming issues to pollution of precious waterways.
  4. Obtaining a higher MPG conserves non-renewable resources.

The new rating system results in lower MPG ratings on most models. See how your vehicle fared with the new rating system. Thinking of purchasing a new vehicle? Find out ahead of time what kind of MPG that new model will get.

This government website contains a great deal of useful information for making the most of your vehicle. Check it out!


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