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A new craze called “Geocaching” has arrived, and anyone with a GPS can join in the fun. Groundspeak, Inc., operators of Geocaching – the Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site, describes Geocaching as a treasure hunt with the added positive effect that it motivates people of all ages to become involved in their environment and community. Everyone can participate because Geocaching takes place in the great outdoors all over the world. A simple zip code search will find caches available in any local community. Monroe County has many hidden caches. Simply log on to the free Geocaching website, browse the local caches, put the coordinates in the GPS, and go. Happy hunting!

A search for the term “geocaching” in the Monroe County Library System’s catalog may even turn up an unexpected cache and put a spark into those “end of summer” blues!

Learn more about geocaching with books from the Monroe County Library System:

book jacket
Geocaching: hike and seek with your GPS
By: Erik B. Sherman
A guide to geocaching, a game that uses the Global Positioning System to find "treasure" that is hidden around the world by a network of people.

book jacket
GPS for dummies
By: Joel McNamara
Provides step-by-step instructions on how GPS works, selecting and using GPS receivers, turning cell phones and PDAs into a GPS receiver, using digital maps, the game of geocaching, and other essential topics.

book jacket
Open your heart with geocaching: mastering life through love of exploration
By: Jeannette Cezanne
Geocaching, or treasure hunt hiking, will help you get fit and open new worlds, as well your mind and your heart.

Geocaching for kids:

book jacket
The box that Watch found
By: Gertrude Chandler Warner
"One day in the park, the Aldens' dog, Watch, comes across a mysterious box with a note inside. ... The box is part of a game called Geocaching. Soon, Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny are searching all over town for hidden boxes and making friends with other kids in the geocaching club. But is one of the club members a thief?" 

book jacket
Let’s go geocaching
By: John McKinney
"Mix high-tech satellites with old-fashioned hiking and create a fun way to find treasures!"

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