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The Safety of Household Products

Are everyday household products safe to use? Do they contain chemicals that consumers should avoid?

The Household Products Database provides answers to these questions and more. Put out by the National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine, and hosted by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, this credible website lists non-food and non-pharmaceutical products by category. Users also have the option to browse alphabetical lists of products, manufacturers, and ingredients. For each product, users can find warnings, acute and chronic health effects from a product’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), health/flammability/reactivity ratings, and special handling/disposal instructions. Once a chemical is identified, users can link to all products that contain the chemical.

The Consumer Product Information Database is a free commercial database developed by DeLima Associates. It lists household products in a variety of ways (product type, brand, ingredient, manufacturer), and links them to one another and to possible health effects from using the product. The “Manufacturers” link is especially useful as it lists contact information, as well as every brand made by the company. The database also provides first aid information and product recalls.

Be sure to check favorite products against these databases to see how safe they really are.

The RecipeSource website is  a great source for consumers who want to make their own safe, non-food products such as shampoo, pot-pourri, facial cleanser, and more. It also includes recipes for household cleaners and pesticides and pet food.

Be sure to CHECK OUT the Monroe County Library System; a number of books are available to help consumers learn how to make less toxic products that can be used for everyday cleaning, pest control, and personal care.

book jacket
1001 all-natural secrets to a pest-free property
By Myles H. Bader
If they are flying, crawling, burrowing, or sneaking in this book has the solution

book jacket
Chemical composition of everyday products
By John Toedt
This book provides a chemical analysis of common household products.

Complete guide to creating oils, soaps, creams, and herbal gels for your mind and body: 101 natural body care recipes
Published by Atlantic Publishing Company
Details the process of using essential oil as a recipe for household cleaning products as well as health and beauty products.

book jacket
Do it gorgeously: How to make less toxic, less expensive, and more beautiful products
By Sophie Uliano
Explains how to be green, smart, and thrifty by reusing old household items and using low-cost materials to make things instead of buying them, including common condiments and foods, beauty products, and home-repair items.

book jacket
Doggie desserts: delicious homemade treats for happy, healthy dogs
By Cheryl Gianfrancesco

book jacket
Home made: 200 creative concoctions and practical potions for crafts, beauty aids, household products, and gifts from your kitchen
By Alexa Lett
Alexa Lett sells her own handcrafted gifts and accessories through her business, Harmony. She has appeared on HGTV's Today at Home and Home Matters on the Discovery Channel.

book jacket
Homemade health: over 415 remarkable recipes with the magical power to heal
By Colleen Pierre
A Jerry Baker health book

book jacket
Homemade: How to make hundreds of everyday products fast, fresh, and more naturally
Published by Reader’s Digest
Provides instructions for making over seven hundred household items, from baked goods and beauty supplies to cleaning solutions and pet food, that offer a low-cost alternative to store-bought products.

book jacket
Making natural liquid soaps
By Catherine Failor
As stated on the cover, this book explains how to make herbal shower gels, conditioning shampoos, moisturizing hand soaps, bubble baths and more.


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