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What is your perception of the public library in America? Do you picture libraries from decades past as quiet places with shelves of books and librarians wearing glasses on the ends of their noses while they “shush” those who are too loud?

Libraries have changed. 21st Century libraries are vibrant community places that have a lot to offer for everyone. Libraries offer a mixture of print and electronic resources, leisure and research materials, quiet and noisy spaces, and programs for young and old alike. Libraries are on the cutting edge of technology, offering internet-accessible computers, office productivity products like Microsoft Office, WiFi capabilities, and even popular gaming equipment like Guitar Hero.

The American Library Association (ALA) has created a website to bring libraries to the forefront of public awareness. Called “At Your Library,” the site alerts consumers about information and services available at libraries in general. Entering a zip code in the provided search box will link to libraries in a user’s specific community. The site also has four featured themes: Family Life, Career Development and Job Searching, Teen Spotlight, and Kidding Around. These themes link to articles with helpful tips and directions, such as how to make a cartoon, making the most from your family’s trip to the museum, or how teens can go about getting a part-time job.

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Fun Library Reads for Kids:

book jacket
Warner, Gertrude Chandler
Deserted Library Mystery
At an old library, the Alden children discover a boy who needs their help and a stranger who is after a valuable object they found in the library.

book jacket
Myron, Vicki
Dewey: There’s a Cat in the Library
Animal-loving readers will be charmed by the realistic, closeup depictions of young library patrons and their tender (and sometimes not-so-tender) interactions with Dewey, who is based on a real-life feline adopted by Myron after it was abandoned in the book drop of her Iowa library.

book jacket
Brown, Marc Tolon
D.W.’s Library Card
After finally getting her first library card, Arthur's little sister D.W. tries to check out her favorite book, with humorous results.

book jacket
Clifford, Eth
Help! I’m a Prisoner in the Library!
Two girls spend an adventurous night trapped inside the public library during a terrible blizzard.

book jacket
Deedy, Carmen Agra
The Library Dragon
Miss Lotta Scales is a dragon who believes her job is to protect the school's library books from the children, but when she finally realizes that books are meant to be read, the dragon turns into Miss Lotty, librarian and storyteller.

book jacket
Spinelli, Jerry
The Library Card
The lives of four young people in different circumstances are changed by their encounters with books.

book jacket
Klein, Adria F.
Max Goes to the Library
Max, who loves to read, discovers all the services available to him during a visit to the library.

book jacket
Garland, Michael
Miss Smith and the Haunted Library
When Miss Smith brings her students to the public library, they not only meet Virginia Creeper, the librarian, but also a host of frightening creatures that emerge from the pages of the "Incredible Storybook" as Ms. Creeper reads her favorite tales.

book jacket
Mora, Pat
Tomas y la Senora de la Bibliotech = Tomas and the Library Lady
While helping his family in their work as migrant laborers far from their home, Tomas finds an entire world to explore in the books at the local public library.

Good Library Reads for Adults:

book jacket
Myron, Vicki
Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World
Traces the author's discovery of a half-frozen kitten in the drop-box of her small-community Iowa library and the feline's development into an affable library mascot whose intuitive nature prompted hundreds of abiding friendships.

book jacket
King, Ross
Unassuming London bookseller Isaac Inchbold receives a mystifying summons from the mysterious Lady Marchamont of Pontifex Hall. She offers him the vast sum of 100 to recover a single rare book stolen from her father's once-magnificent library

book jacket
In the Stacks: Short Stories about Libraries and librarians
Contributions from such major figures as Borges, Cheever, Alice Munro and Ray Bradbury carry the day in In the Stacks: Short Stories about Libraries and Librarians, assembled by former librarian Michael Cart (My Father's Scar).

book jacket
Miketa, Ann
The Library Diaries
The author recounts some of the unsettling and unsavory patrons she came across during her fifteen years working in a Midwest public library.

book jacket
Dereske, Jo
Miss Zukas and the Library Murders
When a dead body turns up right in the mid le of the fiction stacks, the police are baffled. But Helma Zukas, who never fails to make note of the slightest deviation from the norm of everyday life, is tracking some baffling questions of her own.

book jacket
Truman, Margaret
Murder at the Library of Congress
Pre-Columbian art expert Annabel Smith has been asked to write an article on a second diary of Columbus' voyage--if such an artifact really exists. Her research takes her into the inner workings of LC and leads to the discovery of illicit payoffs and the solutions to a pair of murders, one old, one new.

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