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Power Outage Preparedness

DTE customers in southeast Michigan can now find information about small power outages affecting less than 100 people using an Interactive Electrical Outage Map. Clicking on specific outages will zoom the map to street level, allowing users to see exactly what neighborhoods are affected and how widespread the outage is. This may be convenient for locating open stores, restaurants, and gas stations. Customers are also able to view information about the problem such as how many customers are affected, the job number, estimations of when power will be restored, how long it has been off, and the cause of the outage.

The map is searchable by ZIP code and is color-coded to estimate how many customers are affected. The map is updated every 15 minutes.

For widespread power outages, check out DTE’s Service Area map. It highlights outages that affect more than 100 customers, and shows areas by town/city name and ZIP code. Main highways are shown, as are county borders. Although updated every half hour, no search capabilities are available on this map.

With winter weather fast approaching, utility customers will want to be ready if the power goes out. DTE helps consumers prepare for an outage by itemizing the things that can be done ahead of time such as preparing an emergency kit, items to include, phone numbers that should be assembled, and other power outage tips.

Be ready with books about electrical outages and emergency preparedness from the Monroe County Library System:

book jacket

By: James E. Goodman

Book Description: The author details the events of the July 13, 1977 New York City blackout and attempts to explain the mind-sets that led people to behave as they did that night; whether the behavior was for good or evil purposes.

book jacket

The Blackout Gang
By: Josh McCall

Book Description: Three genius friends escape from their oppresive summer camp and get caught in a New York City power outage, which they discover has been caused by a classmate with evil plans that put the three of them in grave danger.

book jacket

Dies the Fire
By: S. M. Stirling

Book Description: A science fiction plot finds Americans struggling to survive off the grid after an incident that causes electronics to become inoperable.

book jacket

The Pocket Disaster Survival Guide: What to do When the Lights Go Out
By Harris J. Andrews & J. Alexander Bowers

Book Description: Includes information about assembling an emergency disaster kit for storms, power blackouts and other disasters.

book jacket

Preparing for Disasters
By:  Bobbie Kalman

Book Description: Describes how to both practically and mentally prepare for a natural disaster, including gathering important supplies.

book jacket

Words of Silk
By: Sandra Brown

Also available in: Audio Disk
Book Description: Originally published as a paperback Silhouette romance when Brown wrote under the pseudonym Erin St. Claire, this tale’s characters meet in an elevator during a blackout.

book jacket

By Carol Higgins Clark

Also available in: Audio Disk
Book Description: A Regan Reilly mystery using a Manhattan blackout as the backdrop.

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