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Pioneer Families Heritage Program

Monroe County Library System proudly announces its new program to honor the pioneers of what is currently called Monroe County, Michigan.  We encourage all who qualify to submit an application for a beautiful certificate that honors both the ancestor and the descendant of our pioneer families.  As we approach the Bi-Centennial of the War of 1812 we are often reminded of the hard life and sacrifices these early pioneers made to establish a better way of life.  This determination and grit deserves our respect and admiration.  That same blood flows in the veins of their descendants who continue to be pioneers of the information age.

Who qualifies?
How do I apply?
How many certificates can I get?
Is there a cost?
Where do I send my application?

What is source documentation?
Concern for the current vital information
Where do I find the information I need to document my lineage?
How long will the program last?
What happens to the applications?

Info available online
Bibliography to assist you

If I have more questions?


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