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Awesome Albums for Teens, 2007 - Yalsa

Infinity on High
, by Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy's fourth album, like their previous albums, proves them to be an anthemic pop-punk hit machine. With spoken word flourishes by Jay Z and an occasional R&B swagger, Infinity on High became a crucial album for a wide audience.

Headstrong, by Ashley Tisdale
High School Musical alum Ashley Tisdale broke out with a solo album that managed to find appeal with both tweens and teens alike. Steamy dance numbers like "He Said She Said" and the hip-hop influenced "Be Good to Me" are bound to capture younger teen's attention.

Back to Black, by Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse scored a big hit with the single "Rehab," proceeding to surprise everyone with a deep album that mixes Motown, soul, and classic pop. It's catchy and classic all in one, making a good fit for mature teens with a pop sensibility.

Minutes to Midnight, by Linkin Park
With their first album in four years, Linkin Park return to make teens' ear drums bleed. Almost no band managed to capture the explosive bleakness of the teen years than this rap/rock hybrid.

It Won't Be Soon Before Long, by Maroon 5
Maroon 5 returned with an even sexier, stronger sophomore album than they last achieved with Songs about Jane. The first single, "Makes Me Wonder," did a number on teen brains with it's incredibly catchy hooks. The rest of the album proved just as sweet & poppy as everyone could have hoped, satisfying millions of screaming fans.

Good Girl Gone Bad, by Rihanna
As far as summer jams go, there was really no stopping "Umbrella," with its big drums and Rihanna's processed vocals. This was the song you saw teens closing their eyes and singing along to all break. The rest of the album doesn't slouch too much, making it indispensible to teens' tastes.

Kala, by M.I.A.
This sophomore romp sees London's M.I.A. more confident and with more to prove than ever. What other major albums constructed their choruses from squawking chickens, street singers, Bollywood samples, car horns, and gun shots? Recorded across several continents, Kala features a number of talents who emphasise M.I.A.'s desire to "put people on the map who ain't never seen a map" and will resonate with teens who have a global perspective.

Manipulator, by The Fall of Troy
The Fall of Troy released their first album at the tender age of 17. Manipulator, their third, shows the band at the "mature" age of 21, jumping between genres faster than you can blow a bubble. On this album, teens will experience deft transitions between rock, metal, hardcore, blues, prog, and pop. And that's just track one.

Los Extraterrestres, by Wisin y Yandel
For an album rife with pure energy, you don't need to look further than Wisin y Yandel's Los Extraterrestres. This Puerto Rican duo has set the reggaeton world on fire, and has taken lots of Latin American awards for the effort. Guest appearances by Eve and Fat Joe give this album cross-over appeal with a wide subset of teens.

Utopia, by Belinda
Technicallly released in late 2006, Belinda's second album took the Latin American pop world by storm in 2007. Ranging from ballads to blazing pop/rock/dance hybrids, Belinda belts out a well-crafted album that's great for all ages.

Ataraxis, by Deeyah
Deeyah's latest album is one of the few Muslim pop albums to be released in 2007. What results is a richly eclectic affair that blends Pakistani classical vocals with electronic beats that wouldn't sound out of place on a Nine Inch Nails album.

Graduation, by Kanye West
Kanye West was one of the few major success stories of 2007. This ground breaking, genre-mashing album (Kanye's third) saw collaborations and samples from Daft Punk to Steely Dan. Teens looking for fresh production ("Stronger") and rap anthems ("Can't Tell Me Nothing") don't need to look much farther than this., by Soulja Boy
Experiment: play "Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)" in your teen section. If it takes more than 10 seconds before somebody gets up and starts doing the Soulja Boy dance, I'll eat the computer I posted this on. Soulja Boy went from Internet self-promoter to having one of the most pervasive (and catchy) songs of the year. Not bad for a 17 year-old.

Carnival Ride, by Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood will send teens to huge emotional crescendos with this follow-up to 2005's Some Hearts. Veering farther toward the pop side of the country music spectrum (if not the country side of the pop spectrum), Carrie Underwood soars over big ballads and boogies through the valleys to deliver one of 2007's most teen-friendly country records.

Riot!, by Paramore
This emo-pop album took teens by storm, dragging them through the highs and lows of 18 year-old singer Hayley Williams's quest for self-discovery. Paramore beat out Panic! At The Disco for Kerrang! magazine's best new band, and Riot! won the AP Magazine reader's poll for best new album. With these credentials, Paramore has created a sure hit for teen collections.

Everything Lil Wayne touched this year
From mixtapes to countless guest appearances, Lil Wayne became one of the most prolific rappers of the year--without quite putting out a proper album. When Lil Wayne usurped Jay Z by proclaiming to be the "best rapper alive," countless teens nodded their heads. All you can do is try to keep up.

Epiphany, by T-Pain
How could anyone forget T-Pain? You could liken it to wearing clothes so comfortable that you forget you're wearing them. T-Pain was omnipresent this year, cranking out silky-smooth, vocoder-drenched hits like there was no tomorrow. While Ephiphany didn't prove to be a deep album, T-Pain contributed so many guest hooks and sold so many ringtones that T-Pain became just another fabric in the thread of teens' lives.



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