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The bold soldier boys of the fourth Regiment were sworn into the service of the United States at Camp Williams on Thursday last.  Not a single member of the Smith Guards were rejected, and we learn only five in the entire Regiment, and these for physical disabilities.
On Friday last, the beautiful banner, obtained by the liberality of the ladies of Adrian was presented to the Regiment.  Special trains were run in Adrian from Detroit and Monroe, over the Jackson branch, and from the west, and large crowds of people from the county immediately adjacent flocked to the Camp, giving the place a grand holiday appearance.  It was estimated not less than nine or ten thousand people were present when the presentation took place.  The flag was a very tasteful one of red, white and blue silk, surrounded by a fringe of orange color, and bearing the embroidered inscription.  “The Ladies of Adrian to the Fourth Regiment Michigan Infantry.  Defend it.”  The presentation took place at about 3 o’clock p.m. when the Regiment was drawn up in a hollow square, the officers and a number of ladies occupying the center.  The banner was presented by Mrs. Josephine Wilcox, in a neat and appropriate speech, and was responded to by Col. Woodbury, who accepted it on behalf of the Company, and placed it in charge of the Color Sergeant, Mr. Con. Paulding of the Monroe Smith Guards, who was detached from his company for that service.  Chas. M. Croswell of Adrian followed by Col. Woodbury in a short address, and afterwards Senator Chandler, in answer to calls, addressed the soldiers and the assemblage.  
Brigadier General Williams, Adjutant General Robertson, the Quartermaster General, the Paymaster, and Colonels E.O Grosvenor and Jerome Croul were present at the presentation, and reviewed the Regiment after the presentation was over.
The three Regiments which have preceded the Fourth, to join the Grand army of the Union, have received high encomiums for their soldierly appearance, perfectness in drill, etc, etc; but justice to the Fourth has compelled the people and the press to accord to them praise equally as great.  A Detroit exchange asserts that they will “receive from military authorities as high and admiration as marked as any which greeted either of its predecessors” and are proud to say that the South Guards take front rank in the Regiment, in the estimation of all who have witnessed their drill.  The Adrian people have been free to acknowledge that the South Guards were the banner company in the Regiment, and fully entitled to the palm.  May they so conduct themselves as to be equally entitled to it when they return to the Peninsular State.  
We believe we have never published a list of the officers of the Fourth Regiment, and therefore will present them here:
Colonel---Dwight A. Woodbury Lieut. Colonel---Wm. W. Duffield Major---Jonathan W. Childs Adjutant---Francis S. Earle Quartermaster---Henry A. Grannis Surgeon---Thomas Tunnicliff Ass’t Surgeon---D. P. Chamberlain Chaplain---Henry N. Strong Sergeant Major---Alvin C. Lamson Commissary Sergeant---Selah V. Reeve Quartermaster Sergeant---L.P. Baldwin Drum Major---Isaac Duffenbaugh Fife Major---John White  
The Regiment broke up its camp on Tuesday and proceeded to Washington via Toledo, Dunkirk, and Harrisburg.  We understand they stop Harrisburg a few days, where they will be furnished with arms, camp equipage, etc.  The Regiment was at first ordered to proceed via Detroit and the lake, but for some unknown reason the order was changed, and they went the entire distance by rail.  

Publication Date: 
Thursday, June 27, 1861
Bygone Categories: 
Civil War
Bygone Tags: 
Fourth Regiment
Smith Guards
Bygone Source: 
Monroe Commercial
Page for Reference Number: 
Page 3, Column 1

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